The mystery and real tragedy of the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is an obvious mystery. Everyone sees it and no one really understands it. The image is an icon of love but love has many meanings and many faces.  Ignore Kali dancing behind it and see the faces reflected in the water and let us follow the faces as they tell the story of the Taj.

The first two faces are Shiva and Parvati. Shiva and  Parvati are husband and wife gods and Shiva, unlike the Aryan Gods brought by the Bhat Brahmins, openly celebrated his love for his beloved wife and soul mate. Shiva said he derived his power and sanity and balance from the love of Parvati. He called the power Parvati gave him  Shakti. Sex? Too simple. Love.  Shiva is Shiva because of the power of Love. All of his mythic stories speak of his transformation for the better through love. Love.  The power of transforming Love.

Now what does this have to do with the Taj Mahal? Simple and complex. The Taj is a symbol of love but the Taj was built for Shiva  before the Mughals invaded India. So the original symbol of the Taj was indeed love but it was the Love of Shiva and Parvati. But tourist books don’t say that! All right! Examine the facts for yourself.

Mahal is Indian and means ‘Palace’ so why would a Mughal tomb be called a palace? Taj comes from an older Jat ( the Hindu population of Agra) name for Shiva. Tejo  which means Shiva. They have always called the Taj  Mahal Tejo Mahalaya. The Palace of Shiva.

Shah Jahan’s wife’s name is Mumtaz ul Zamani. How is that remotely related to Taj Mahal =Palace? Even Shah Jahan and his Wahhabi bigoted son avoided using ‘Taj Mahal’ because it was profane Hindu jahiliyyah or pagan barbarity. Why avoid uttering words if those words are suppose to be a beloved’s name? His mother’s name? But if those words actually means Shiva’s Palace then indeed devote Muslims cannot utter them.

The Hindus devoted to Shiva have records of 12 famous  Jyotirlinga temples to Shiva including the ‘Crystal Temple’ in Agra and the famous Hindu treatise on architecture called ‘Viswakarma Vastushastra’ refers to the ‘Tej Linga’. Agra for the Jats was a key center for the worship of Shiva and they refer to FIVE Temples in Agra built to worship Shiva. Now there are ONLY FOUR. What happened to the famous fifth ‘Crystal Temple’ to Shiva?

There are other Hindu references to his missing Agra temple which was called Agreshwar Mahadev Naganatheshwar or Lord Great God of Agra or King of the Cobras ie Shiva.  Jats called Shiva in Agra Tejaji. Therefore the Taj  Mahal is Teji Mahal or Palace of Shiva the Lord of the Cobras. or Tej Mahal the palace of Great Abode of Tej. Shiva lived on a snow white mountain so a crystal temple to Shiva is logical. So the Taj was created to be a symbol of transforming Love: Shiva’s love for his Beloved.

The marble came from Jaipur.  Western Gem merchants   in Agra refer to the Tej Mahalaya as Hindu  taken by Shah Jahan or confiscated by Shah Jahan from the Rajah of Jaipur who was his hated Rajput inlaw and also the source of the famous white marble used to create the Taj. There is no other marble in India like it. It is unique. Only the quarries of the Rajah of Jaipur boasted such white marble. And the Rajah of Jaipur was the most famous Rajput inlaw of the Mughal Royal Family.

Shah Jahan’s own official biography, the Badshahnama, on page 403 Vol I refer to a grand mahal or palace  with a dome by a river in Agra which was  seized or confiscated from his hated Rajput inlaws in Jaipur, Maharajah Jaisingh of Jaipur (where the white marble came from).  Westerners  at that time referred to the Taj as Rajah Mansingh’s Palace  (scion of Jaisingh). So even Shah Jahan’s own bio says he confiscated the Mahal  from the Rajah of Jaipur for his own use. The Bio refers to the land by the river, the 7 stories, the 100 plus rooms, dome, and support buildings indicating this was an preexisting mahal or palace which might at one time have been used for sacred purposes. The Rajput rajahs were famous patrons of the Hindu gods. The autobiography of Babur also states that he when he conquered Agra he seized a crystal palace there which he used as his summer palace.

Legends say Akbar the Great engraved a fabled tablet emerald with the words: Love triumphs only when it is kind. Love is universal only when it is shared. Akbar inclined to Sufism which celebrated the Divine Love of Allah and some say he deeply loved his Rajput wife from Jaipur. Akbar returned the Taj to the previous owner who was his kindred of his beloved Hindu Rajput wife. It was a gracious gesture to make. Perhaps it was a gesture of Love.  But right after that fabled emerald appeared his drunken son declared war on Akbar and waged civil war. Supposedly, the angry, bitter, alienated son fell in love with a nautch girl, courtesan, or perhaps a lessor wife of Akbar, the Rajput lessor wife of Akbar and mother of his own half brother. That would have been legal if not biological incest. The scandal outraged the aged Akbar enough to almost kill his alienated son and supposedly murder the unfaithful Rajput lady. So the Royal Family of the Red Fort feuded and blood flowed. The Taj watched as a family imploded into violence and death.

Jahangir survived Akbar to rule, a notorious drunkard and drug addict haunted by lost love and love turned to hatred. Meanwhile, his devoted, long suffering wife actually tried to rule as India foundered under Mughal rule. He also came to perhaps see that emerald as a curse. Karma. What goes around comes around. The man who waged war on his father now found his own sons warring against him to depose and murder him.

In turn Shah Jahan, the son Jahangir most loathed,  came to power in a bloody palace coup. He then waged war for decades  until his own bloody sons tried to depose him. The son he most loathed, Aurangzeb, lived to depose Shah Jahn.  Aurangzeb later snarled ‘never trust sons’ as he murdered some of his own sons to prevent them deposing him.  Shah  Jahan and his long suffering wife are faces below Shiva and Parvati. But Shah Jahan and his long suffering wife were not the incarnation of love that was Shiva and Parvati and their loving family and two devoted sons. Shah Jahan’s two sons were anything but devoted or loving to each other. And while one son was devoted to his parents the other son hated his parents and his brother and his sister and his entire family. So while one family symbolized love, the new owners of the Taj symbolized hatred. Shah Jahan’s beloved son Dara is the face on the left and Aurangzeb is the face on the right.   The fabled Emerald of Akbar became a symbol not of Divine Love or Human Love or Romantic Love but Mughal Madness and Mayhem and  Murder. So did the Taj.

Aurangzeb the bigoted son of Shah Jahan was a Wahhabist so he violently hated tombs in general and Hindu jahiliyyah barbaric native places  in particular. There is a letter from Aurangzeb to his father Shah Jahan whining that he was forced to spend money from his own purse to repair that miserable aged and cursed place (the  Taj Mahal). How aged could a ‘new’ tomb be?

And Tavernier, a famous  gem merchant said he attended a picnic on the grounds of the Taj when Shah Jahan brought the ‘much decayed corpse’ of his wife to the Taj to BURY IT ON THE GROUNDS  while boasting to the gem merchant of the riches of the confiscated place, the solid silver doors, the carpets of gems, the jewels. Where is all of that today? And why bury the  ‘much decayed corpse’ in the garden if this was a tomb?  Furthermore, why build a tomb for one woman and then build and then seal off hundreds of  rooms on 7 levels with elaborate support buildings including a music building ie Drum  Building, when  the Mughal was a devote Muslim and so loathed music? Plus ritual ghats for bathing? That is Hindu. Plus a crematorium? That is Hindu too. By a river? Hindu.  And build and turn around and seal off long underground hallways and build and then seal off windows and doors and vents and stairs deep down below the Taj? Plaster up a hundred rooms in the square foundation that the white marble Taj rests on? Build support stables  and restrooms and every sort of room for a mahal or palace or temple complex for pilgrims to use? For a tomb? Then not use rooms and instead crudely plaster them over or seal them up very crudely with crude bricks without plaster? Why build and then so crudely retrofit a building?

The Taj is famous for it’s inlay, featuring  white  Jaipur marble and Rajput style decor, but the only Islamic quotes are crudely placed ON TOP OF THE INLAY, the quotes random gibberish not coherently presented? Why RETROFIT  Muslim quotes ON TOP  of expensive inlay unless it was crudely done AFTER THE FACT?

The Rajah of Jaipur still have in his Kapad Dwara Royal Library the two original fireman imperial orders of seizure of the Taj  dated 12 18, 1633. And there are fireman orders only TWO YEARS LATER requiring the Rajah to provide such marble’ as before’ for some additional work. How could a building that was supposed to have taken 22 years to build be finished in two years and why ask for some small amount of additional marble such as was used before?

The Rajah of Jaipur ordered his famous white marble quarries locked up and he  locked up his masons and quarry workers and REFUSED TO PROVIDE WHITE MARBLE to the Emperor of India? Why? Unless this was salt on the wound of the seizure of his property! So the marble  was stripped off the upper floor empty and completely unused  rooms. That marble was then used to RETROFIT the crude quotes ON TOP OF THE INLAY and to add Islamic mosque decor and a cenotaph. It is to be noted the Taj is perfect except for touches of amazing crudity: cenotaphs done in a different style placed off center, crude quotes shoved  ON TOP OF BEAUTIFUL INLAY, crude steps inserted,  and other crude Muslim touches to retrofit a mosque into a supporting building .  It is also to be noted the beautiful parts are in the Rajput style including the OM flowers which are symbols of Shiva and plants and animals which a devoted Muslim surely could not permit? The crude parts are the Muslims details clearly added after the fact in a crude and frankly cheap retrofit. Alld all of the original riches that the gem merchants originally saw such as carpets of pearls and solid silver doors are now gone.  The Taj frankly symbolizes miserly contempt on the part of someone.True Love is not miserly and cheap and slipshod.


So did Shah Jahan ever love that ‘much decayed corpse’ of his wife while he held a picnic as recorded in the memoirs of Tavernier? Tavernier wrote that the over proud emperor held a picnic as the ‘much decayed corpse’ was dumped into  a hole  dug in the garden. That  sly gem merchant Tavernier  watched as the grandstanding Shah Jahan boasted of the riches of the Taj (‘so as to be admired’) while boasting of his greatness and riches and power as Emperor of Hindustan. Tavernier recorded that the grandstanding man did not boast or even talk about the ‘much decayed corpse’ which  was buried in the garden of the Taj during a picnic. Does this sound like love?

Or did Shah Jahan steal a mahal  from a Rajput kin he hated? To loot and defile a holy palace the Rajputs probably originally built and were patrons off? Tavernier noted the proud emperor much boasted of the riches inside. But now he kept the empty Taj ‘locked’ and implied the Mughal was actually looting the rich interior of it’s once famous solid silver doors, carpets of pearls, gem incrusted railings,  as well as a treasure well filled with riches that the Hindu Jats of Agra had donated to their god Shiva. Shah Jahan saw the Taj as a symbol of loot. Shah Jahan saw the Taj as a symbol of his power to do anything he wanted to do. Anything.

Slyly, the gem merchant noted that the scaffold used to ‘finish’ the Taj’s exterior cost more than the ‘finishing’ ie the RETROFIT of random quotes from the Koran haphazardly  inserted ON TOP OF THE INLAY  in such a way as to be all but unreadable. The sly merchant noted the proud emperor boasted of taking 22 years and spending millions and chopping off hands of workers when Tavernier noted he had seen the Taj before and knew other gem merchants who had seen the Taj before and he knew perfectly well the Taj predated the proud man who boasted ‘as to be admired’. Mughals were already famous and notorious for looting native buildings and temples and forts from Hindus and plundering or enjoying them exclusively as booty of war and symbols of conquest. Babur himself boasted in his memoirs that he reduced the conquered Taj to his summer palace. Now Shah Jahan reduced the Taj from an object of beauty and a symbol of love into  venal loot.

Did Shah Jahan ever love his poor, long suffering wife? She gave birth to some 13 children (most of whom died ) and traveled everywhere with Shah Jahan as he waged expensive but unproductive wars on the Hindus and suffered and endued  in a way that today people would describe as ‘saintly’ . She was certainly described as  saintly herself — at least in hindsight. At the time Muslims at the court called her many names but none of those names were nice. Good Muslim women stayed in purdah and did not travel around with their men like camp followers. They certainly did not guard their man’s back and do the paperwork which their man was too busy fighting to do. But she  was honest, guarded his back, did the paperwork, did everything,  was incorruptible,  and utterly self sacrificing. Some of her few surviving children adored her as Love Incarnate. But did Shah Jahan?

But  Shah Jahan boasted of a haram of thousands of captive Hindus he often violently kidnapped and raped and ravished  per his own biography and other Muslim histories. His wars and taxes forced thousands of Hindu peasants to sell their own children into Muslim slavery according to Qaznivi and Fray Sebastio Manrique. It was in fact a culling of Hindus to satisfy the sexual drives of Muslim conquerors  and included girls and boys alike.
Shah Jahan’s Royal Haram featured 5000 concubines — mostly Rajput —- mostly kidnapped and exploited as sex slaves until their appeal tattered when they were then either handed around to be gang raped or else killed and dumped like garbage along public roads for Hindus to see their bodies with  their breasts hacked off. And memoirs and even the official biography of Shah Jahan boasted of this as if it was something to be proud of. But his love, if it even existed, was not mentioned.

Shah Jahan’s own drunken father Jahangir called Shah Jahan a proud and cruel braggart and ruffian and ‘wretch’ incapable of understanding love.  Italian gem merchants recorded how they saw mutilated bodies of Rajput ladies defiled by Shah Jahan or his men when he not destroying Hindu temples or burning cities in his never ending wars.  This of course was after the palace coup where the pockmarked little man later known as Shah Jahan ordered slaughtered every brother or rival to his claim to emperorship.

A Muslim called Mulla Abdul Hamid wrote how Shah Jahan  and his army gang raped Rajput ladies they captured in war as war booty. He told the sad story of the rape and suffering of the noble Rani Parvati of Rajah Bir Singh Deo. The bodies of the rani and her ladies were mutilated and the heads chopped off — after their sexual assault.  And Shah Jahan still found time to also attack 400 Christian Indians and terrorize them. When they refused to convert under pain of death he distributed them as war booty to be gang raped and enslaved.

Shah Jahan’s wars even reached Tibet where he tried to slaughter every Buddhist. Shah Jahan ended up waging wars even against the Rajput princes and his own Rajput kin at Jaipur.  Abdul Hamid wrote that during war famines that ended the rule of Shah Jahan India had been utterly plundered and Indians were starving. ‘Life was offered for a loaf but none could buy. Dog’s flesh was sold for goat’s and the pounded bones of the dead were mixed with flour and sold. Destitution at last reached such a pitch that men began to devour each other and the flesh of a son was preferred to his love. The numbers of the dying caused obstructions in the road’ And that was a Muslim biographer who wrote that.

His suffering wife guarded his seal and his reputation and raised his children  and was the incarnation of love. But was Shah Jahan the incarnation of love? He followed the Wahhabi school and denounced his grandfather Akbar’ s love of Sufiism.  Do Wahhabi Muslims love? They boast there are 99 names for Allah but ‘Love’ is not one of them. Allah is not the Divine Father but rather the Divine Master. A worshiper does not embrace Divine Love but rather surrenders to the Divine Slavery of Submission. Peace of Surrender.  Did Shah Jahan who never built anything for his wife when she was alive miss her after she died?  How did that ‘much decayed corpse’ end up in a looted temple to Shiva when it was buried on the grounds during a picnic?

Peter Mundy, English, noted in 1632  (a year of the death of Mumtaz) that the Taj was a most famous building for any tourist to see.  How could the Taj be build in one year? Mundy refers to the fact the Taj was famous BEFORE  the Shah Jahan seized it.  De Laet, Dutch, likewise noted the same and called the Taj  The Mansingh Mahal ie Palace.  Jahan Albert Mandelslo in 1638 (7 years after the death of Mumtaz) likewise referred to the Taj as predating Shah Jahan but seized.  Thereafter someone at some point turned the Taj into a tomb and the body of that ‘much decayed corpse’ was now INSIDE instead of buried on the grounds as Tavernier recorded. Who moved the body into the tomb? Not Shah Jahan who buried the ‘much decayed corpse’ of his wife in the gardens during a picnic. Tombs of saints are Sufi and ornate tombs are actually illegal according to strict Islam. Who was the Sufi who might have seen the Taj as a tomb worthy of a ‘saint’. In this case the saintly mother? And if the Taj was originally a holy place of Shiva and his Beloved when what happened to them?

There is evidence the smashed idols were locked in the sealed rooms. Many reports abound of  post colonial Indian civil servants who have actually peeked inside locked rooms below ground and seen smashed idols. One amazed civil servant actually saw an idol’s eye staring at him from a crack in the marble which was hastily repaired! Yet to this day Indian authorities refuse to unlock rooms, unbrick rooms, and unseal rooms which surely any historian or anthropologist would lust to see inside of? Why install iron gates and doors to lock off long corridors to potentially hundreds of sealed rooms? If Shiva and his Beloved are locked away moldering below ground then why not reveal them?

All Rajput buildings boast Elephant Gates and gem merchants referred to the Taj at one point  as having such a gate. Thomas Twining  in 1794 noted the Court of the Elephants of the Taj. Today all of that is  smashed.  An secret carbon test of ancient wood of a sealed door confirm the wood was 300 plus years older than Shah Jahan. The door was immediately ripped off and a steel door was installed to block off the secret 7th level deep underground. And to this day anyone can stroll along the river and see 22 rooms, windows, doors, crudely bricked up revealing hidden rooms crudely sealed  in a bad RETROFIT’ BADLY DONE with cheap brick minus plaster including bricked up air vents. Why build a gigantic tomb of 7 levels and over a hundred rooms inside the Taj plus support buildings typical of a working palace and pilgrimage center and then seal them all up IN A BAD RETROFIT? If the Taj was originally built to celebrate the love of Shiva and his Beloved then why not celebrate that love?

E B Havell, Mrs Kenoyer, and Sir W W Hunter have all confirmed Prof Oaks original evidence the Taj was seized by Shah Jahan and looted. Oaks was indeed an eccentric but there is simply too much evidence for an open mind to ignore. Certainly  at some later date the ‘much decayed corpse’ was reburied inside making the Taj a retrofitted tomb. But clearly the Taj did not start out as a tomb.  They note the South facing great door (Hindu) and OM flowers and Rajput decorations  and octagonal cupolas which are typical of Hindu temples  and the four FREE STANDING BRUJ  towers which are classic Rajput.  Minarets are always ATTACHED  and not free standing and usually feature only one and not four identical corner towers which are classic Bruj.  The inlay on one floor matches the dome pinnacle which is NOT an  Muslim crescent but rather is the trident of Shiva with traditional lotus. The Allah on the pinnacle is a crude RETROFIT which does not now match what once was obviously the mirrored version set in rich inlay. Why? The rich inlay version of the pinnacle image does not have ‘Allah’ because it was not be possible to RETROFIT such beautiful  inlay on a floor. The two facing support buildings are not Islamic and the one has been crudely RETROFITTED  to be mosque obviously after the fact. No other mosque in India is set up liked that. It is entirely atypical. Why? Because it is a crude retrofit. The Drum Building is heretic to devoted Muslims but needful to Hindu temples. Ditto the support choir building designed for chanting. The original ‘Tears of Shah Jahan’ was the original Shiva water pot that was suppose to drip on top of the altar.  Today an electric light dangles instead. Why remove the famous ‘Tears of Shah Jahan’ unless it was obviously a Shiva Water Pot? There is also a traditional Hindu Treasure Well designed to push Temple treasure down into the well water in case of enemies attacking to loot. Why does a tomb have a treasure well now minus treasure?

There are no proper records confirming any blueprints or accounts or fireman degrees other than the degrees of seizure. The Garden once was famous — for Shiva related plants and trees. The English found it much decayed and naturally then built a Capability Brown English Garden in its place.   The dome is an echoing dome designed to reverberate to magnify the chanting of Hindu priests but is improper for a supposed tomb. Why magnify noise?. The main entrance faces south and a Muslim building should face west and have a ‘window toward Mecca’ which the Taj does not have. That by itself is a siren call going off.  Wahhabists violently disapprove of fancy tombs for Muslims and destroyed tombs all over Mecca in a rampage so why allow Shah Jahan to build a haraam tomb as haraam heretic as the Sufi? Shah Jahan was not Sufi. But his son Dara was!

Taj Mahal might have started  as a symbol of Divine Love. Divine Love of Shiva and his Beloved Parvati but it might have become a symbol of  Sufi Divine Love for the Beloved. The saint in question? The saintly Mother. The Beloved Mother. The mother who was everything Shah Jahan was not.  Perhaps the older son of Shah Jahan, Dara, a Sufi, saw the face of his mother and realized  something. How could anyone understand the Divine Love of God unless he also  understood the face of God in the Beloved? Divine Love through Human Love? A saintly mother’s love? Perhaps it was Dara who moved his mother’s body from the garden where it was buried by Shah Jahan inside the looted Taj. Perhaps it was Dara the Sufi who  turned the Taj into a  Sufi like tomb as he studied with Sufi masters and danced the mystic dances of the Sufi. Meanwhile  his younger brother Aurangzeb plotted his bloody palace coup. Aurangzeb was a violent Wahhabist who hated Sufi in general and his gentle brother Dara in particular (along with hated sister who called Aurangzeb ‘the white snake’).

Dara wrote a book called the Convergence of the Seas that he claimed proved all religions originated in one god and therefore mankind should embrace each other instead of murdering each other in wars over religion.  He perhaps thought his beloved mother’s love inspired him. Perhaps he thought the Taj was a symbol of Divine Love mirrored in the face of  Human Love. Perhaps he thought Divine Love could heal the world.  Divine Love like a Mother’s Love. Perhaps he saw Allah not as the ‘Master’ but the ‘Father’. The God of Divine Love for all of his children? So he wrote the book that today is considered dangerously heretic by all except Sufi Muslims  and gave a copy to his aged father Shah Jahan.

Perhaps Shah Jahan finally understood love then? The love of his long ago dead wife. The love of Dara. The love he never could express in a life that  was manifested only in  relentless war of such destruction millions of Indians perished or starved. Perhaps that is why Shah Jahan declared Dara to be his heir instead of Aurangzeb (Muslim inheritance does not require the elder son to inherit).  That is Dara Shikoh  the young prince on the left. On the right is the bitter other son of Shah Jahan: Aurangzeb The Terrible. The two sons hated each other. Soon, like Cain and Abel, they were fighting each other in a bloody civil war as Shah Jahan was locked up by Aurangzeb  for his own good after a ‘breakdown’ never to be free ever again. Shah Jahan peered out of his jail cell window to see the moon bless the Taj which was the symbol to a betrayed man. A symbol of love. A son’s love. Dara’s love.

Aurangzeb won the bloody war and paraded his hated brother on an aged elephant in chains through Delhi. The people of Delhi wept. Aurangzeb then beheaded Dara and sent the head to the jail cell of Shah Jahan to drive the aged man mad. Aurangzeb destroyed every copy he could find of the damnable heretic book of Dara and swore jihad on India on the Koran. Jihad to the death!

The aged Shah Jahan  died of a broken heart and mind and Aurangzeb smuggled his much decayed corpse out in the dead of night and shoved him into that accurst tomb. Aurangzeb as a Wahhabist so he could only  have considered the Taj Tomb to be heretic and vile najis filth rather than a symbol of good Islam. Much less  love. The gesture was one of contempt. The crudely retrofitted marble  cenotaph is off balance and destroys the perfection of beauty of the chamber which had obviously been designed for a central altar (turned into a symbolic cenotaph).  Aurangzeb was a fanatic Wahhabist who meant to conquer India at last and cleanse the earth of jahiliyyah pollution and najis filth and barbarity and heresy. All of his fireman imperial degrees said so. Anything pagan Indian or Sufi heretic defiled  pure Islam just as the accurst Jaipur blood that flowed in his veins defiled the Arabic Ashraf Caste he longed to be. He violently hated his own degraded Rajput blood that his violent fanaticism said was vile najis filth. Muddy blood. Polluted blood. Polluted by India. Aurangzeb had been defiled by India. Defile by his Rajput mother. Aurangzeb would now make India bleed.

Aurangzeb ‘buried’ music and drew up a list of a thousand Hindu temples to be destroyed. He cemented idols into the front steps of his grand mosque for good Muslims to defile with their slippers. he sent war elephants rampaging through Delhi to crush Hindu protesting the cruel injustice of Sharia Law and Jizya Taxes with rites of humiliation to feel subdued (plus spitting down the throat to defile). He declared war to the death on India.  Then he  delivered not love but hate, not beauty but war, and made India bleed until it wept tears of blood. And if Aurangzeb saw the Taj as a symbol then it was a symbol of vile pollution of India that he meant to sterilize!

The neglected Taj watched as India was drenched in blood as Aurangzeb waged war north to south and east to west.  It was total war. Savage War. To balm his nerves Aurangzeb The Terrible knitted haji caps.  A mass murderer who knitted! Meanwhile, he made enemies of everyone including his hated Rajput relatives in Jaipur who finally did a ritual ‘divorce’ from their now hated Mughal relations.

Aurangzeb’s own biography proudly documented his war for Islam. His destruction of Hindu temples. His bloody battles. His murder of some of his own sons. His contempt for his Rajput relatives. He once appointed one of his Rajput relatives, the brilliant Rajah of Jaipur, to wage war against the Decca  but told him he could not order or command Muslims. Non Muslims could not give orders to Muslims. Muslims command and cannot be commanded. Muslims rule and cannot be ruled.  And if the Rajah of Jaipur could not conquer the Decca then his own principality would be razed to the ground and every man, woman, and child would be put to death. So much for once saving the life of Aurangzeb The Terrible!


Wahhabi purity of fanatic intent to sterilize India  went on for 50 years until India was all but bankrupt and ruined. A farm bullock rose in price 500% over the time of Akbar- hypo infliction. The economy was destroyed. Wootze Steel vanished. Indian textiles were ravished. War famines hit every three years. Surat Port decayed. The Great Trunk Road was recorded to be choked in jungle and dacoit outlaws.  The Dutch VOC and English EIC and French trade consortiums all gave up trying to export goods and became war munitions providers to Aurangzeb and his enemies who now included the Rajputs, the Decca Maratha, the Sikhs, the Jats, everyone. Aurangzeb bartered sea ports to hated kafirs to buy war cannon and gunpowder which once India was famous for producing. Clearly, India was  collapsing into utter ruin.

But Muslims even today bless Aurangzeb because he waged jihad.  Jihad on India. Muslim sites praised Aurangzeb The Terrible for almost conquering pagan India and converting it to Islam despite the fact he almost destroyed India in the process.  And even today Muslim organizations demand that the Taj be surrendered to their control. The Taj to Muslims represents Holy Jihad to conquer India. The Triumph of Islam to dominate India. The Triumph of Islam. Not love. Triumph. They consider India to be  the Jewel in the Crown of their conquest of the world. They rave that the World Wide Caliphate cannot be achieved until Spain and India are reconquered. And if India is the Jewel in the Crown of Islamic conquest of the world then the diamond of that jewel in the crown if the Taj.

The forlorn Taj moldered in ruined gardens as Aurangzeb died bitter and paranoid. He raved ‘trust no sons!”  as millions perished in famine and war and death. His few surviving scion he did not murder were helpless now as India commenced yet another century of war to pick the winner of a bleeding sub continent. Maratha fought Rajputs and Sikhs fought Mughals and and Rajahs fought Nawabs and Nawabs fought the British and Dutch as the French played agent provocateur. But in the end everyone simply killed everyone until  in a blood bath reduced all of India to ruins.

Graphs of the per capita GNP of India from 1500 to 1800 show a nation flat lined and  economically stagnating before then imploding as the per capita GNP of the West, including the young USA, soaring upwards to lessor or greater degrees. By 1700 America, even when it was still a colony, was as rich as India. By 1800 America was richer than India, China, and the Islamic countries. (Please note that per capital GNP is the individual wealth of the people rather than the wealth of the rulers or the abstract wealth of the whole nation which might not be trickling down to the lower 99% whatsoever. India had a tiny 1% of super rich. But 99% of Indians were recorded from 1500 as being the among the poorest of the poor in the entire world.) By 1800 all of  North West Europe and Canada and America were the richest per capita GNP countries in the world.  The richest country of all by 1800 of course was Britain. But Britain was economically walloping India and China and all of the Islamic World by 1500, doubling in 1600, doubling again in 1700, doubling again by 1800. But Britain did not achieve majority  control of India until 1818.

The Shah of Persia sacked and looted Delhi and hauled away the Peacock Throne of the Emperor of India. The Red Fort was bankrupt. Everyone was all but bankrupt. Finally by 1818 everyone staggered to a standstill to reveal the last man standing: General Lake. The British ‘won’ the war to rule a devastated India. Mughals had waged war non stop and then Indians waged war nonstop. Finally there was nothing left to fight for. India was all but destroyed.  So Everyone declared peace. Pax.

But the deepest pockets ‘won’. The EIC won by hanging on until it was the last man standing. And The EIC hung on by way of the deep pockets of London in general, The Mile (financial center of the world up to 1800) in particular, and courtesy of the deep pockets of the financial, economic, technological, and industrial convergence of events called the Great Divergence. So  the Pax was  not called Pax Mughal or Pax Sikh or Pax Maratha or Pax Rajput but Pax Britannia. The all but bankrupt EIC sold the Indian National Debt to London and marched in quiet victory through Delhi. The EIC were accountants and shopkeepers who accidentally became conquerors. There was no grand parade or Aurangzeb stampede of elephants to crush the people. They brought printing presses and newspapers into the town for the first time and started Delhi Collage. Then they finished the unfinished Delhi Canal to bring needed water to the town. They paid the bankrupt Mughal Emperor, demoted to King of Delhi, a million pounds a year to be their face. This was the usual practice of the EIC who preferred to rule behind Indian faces and use Indian laws and customs wherever possible (as long as they did not interfere with profit or bleed accounting into the red).

The mentality of the accountant and shopkeeper continued. Bankrupt principalities who owed the EIC money were forclosed and taken into receivership. They quietly moved residents into principality after territory like guests who simply never left. London liberals protested the misery of the Indians and passed reform after reform of the EIC until ‘Profit For Progress’ was passed —- as the EIC became bankrupt because ‘Profit For Progress’ was an business oxymoron.


The Taj like the other moldering pieces of now shabby Mughal real estate were drawn and  listed and inventoried and slowly were restored by the British as national monuments to India which was managed by an outsourced government for hire. But in 1818 the Wahhabists declared India to be Dar ul Harb Land at war with Islam requiring Holy Jihad to reconquer.  The issue was not freedom of religion. The British guaranteed freedom of religion to all. The Muslims could enjoy their Five Pillars with full security. No. The issue was that ISLAM NO LONGER RULED INDIA. ISLAM NO LONGER DOMINATED AND CONTROLLED INDIA. ISLAM WAS NO LONGER IN TOTAL POWER. And that is exactly what the holy fatwa said. Loss of control. Loss of power. Loss of domination. And oh yes! Loss of slaves! Slavery was outlawed and in India most slavery was Islamic slavery of Hindus. Millions. So many millions it was actually recorded that the Islamic slave markets in the Islamic countries through the Hindu Kush became so glutted by Indian slaves they debased the value to almost nothing. Perhaps that is why the pass over the mountains to the Islamic Slave Markets from India is called the Hindu Kush which translates into ‘Slaughter of the Hindus’ despite the fact no battle occurred there. But millions of Indians were marched across the icy pass to slavery and death. But in 1818 the Wahhabists declared India to be kafir controlled so they declared  Holy Jihad.

So to placate the bitterly defeated Muslims the British let the myth continue that Shah Jahan built everything! Shah Jahan did loved to claim that! He slapped his name on every building he did not destroy! Mostly Rajput buildings he then merely gilded with solid silver ceilings and the odd Islamic quote. Aurangzeb just destroyed every Rajput building he could. So to placate the Wahhabists  of Delhi the Taj was declared a Muslim Monument just like every mosque that used stones and columns of previously destroyed Hindu temples or the Red Fort which also predated Islam and was in fact proven by documents to be Rajput. The Shah Jahan name stayed slapped along with the cheap retrofit  as if a label of conquest and ownership. To the Wahhabists the Taj was as symbol of conquest and triumph and domination which they planned to reclaim once they kicked out the accurst dhimmi kafirs so they could once again crush the accurst pagan shirk under their slippers like the blurring stones of old idols set into the steps of the mosques  as they proudly paraded while defiling them with their slippers.

The British  painted pictures of the Taj and Queen Victoria commented how romantic the Taj was. So started the iconic image of the Taj was the symbol of Romance. Romance after all was originally a Western concept. Romantic Love from the West wrapped itself like an Indian Cupid around the Taj.  Today the world sees the Raj as Romance Incarnate. Human Love.  They don’t know how the Taj watched India bleed for centuries like a pearl in a  lake of blood. They don’t know the tragedy the Taj really symbolizes or the mounds of corpses that encircle it like moldering ghosts. Dara is shoved into an unmarked grave.  His book is still officially heretic. Akbar the Great is officially heretic and his mythic emerald  on which was engraved ‘Love triumphs only when it is kind. Love is universal only when it is shared’ is reputed to be lost. And alas, too many Muslims still embrace Holy Jihad instead of the Sufi ideal of Divine love of God reflected in the Beloved.

And the aged man in the center of the British Union Jack? That is Emperor Zafar. In 1857 he played one last tragic chapter in the Mughal Wars of India.  In 1857 the Taj watched as the land around it exploded into civil war. Indians butchered Indians. The Wahhabists in Delhi held a big convention and formally declared 1857 to be Holy Jihad. The Brahmins of the Bengal Army found themselves demoted to ‘accomplices of Holy Jihad’ which must have come as an ironic surprise considering how many Brahmins were butchered in Holy Jihads. Some of the final battles occurred around the outskirts of the city of the Taj  as countless people killed each other very savagely.

The civil war started as ‘liberation’ but just like 1817 Russia, The Iranian Revolution, or the Arab Spring, minorities of harden radicals turned the general upraising from liberation to war for their own agenda and ends and goals which had nothing to do with the original hopes and dreams. 1857 saw Rebels butchering not only English and Westerners but Indian Jews, Angle Indians, Bengalis civil servants, Sikhs,  Jats, Rajputs, Maratha (both in Gwalior and in the mostly Maratha Bombay and Madras Armies who were Loyalist), as well as Indian converts, teachers, engineers, telegraphers, and any Indian who embraced modernization or the West. It was ‘Modernize And Die’ vs. ‘Modernize Or Die’. Whatever the poor senile Emperor might have thought, the Wahhabists were using his fireman imperial stamp to bless Holy Jihad, the imposing of Sharia Law, Jizya taxes with rites of humiliation to feel subdued, burning of Hindu villages, and parading of Rajput heads on stakes after the English heads dried up, as well as general lawlessness, looting, anarchy, and all around badmash criminality by economically envious have-nots eager to become haves once again. The Loyalist Army was 4/5th Indian. The civil war would scar both India and Britain forever.

In all, historians guestimate that the Muslim Invaders triggered the death, starvation, slavery, or forced conversion to Islam of between 50 and 70 million Indians.  The Taj survived somehow when thousands of other Hindu temples and palaces were destroyed by Islam. Perhaps it was spared because it was used so often as a mahal or palace and Aurangzeb did not have time to destroy it.  Perhaps Dara’s gesture to place his mother inside the Taj spared it. Aurangzeb violently hated his parents but perhaps at the end of the day even such a fanatic murderer who knitted haji caps between massacres could not destroy the Taj because his mother’s much decayed corpse was inside.  Divine Love reflected in Human Love thus perhaps spared the Taj.  A mother’s love if not a father’s love or a son’s love. So perhaps in the end the Taj is also about  Mumtaz after all.


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  1. a.britton says:

    absolutely amazing food for deep thought

    • fairawayland says:

      Thank you and thank the amazing Indians who really built it. JF.

      • nandy says:

        mahal means palace . y it did not serv as a palace to the hindu rulers?????????????????????

      • fairawayland says:

        The Mahal of the Taj. Taj is a corruption of Shiva in the local Hindu language. The Crystal Palace of Shiva. Shiva was suppose to have a snowy palace in the snowy mountains to the north which he resided in. Hence the Crystal Palace of Shiva. The Taj (Shiva)’s Mahal ie Palace which is snowy white and domed like a mountain.

        However the complex includes ghat ritual bathing sites on the river, originally two flanking drum houses’ (of which one was retrofitted to become a mosque), and elaborate support buildings for priestly duties as well as a treasure well. All of these are typical of any large Hindu religious shrine to facilitate priests and singers and musicians and worshipers and pilgrims including originally hundreds of rooms to house pilgrims.

        Along the river you can still see the remains of moldering ritual ghat bathing places and you can also see where many of the support rooms and housing rooms were cheaply bricked up revealing their existence. In other areas the retrofit was better done.

        Nevertheless, why would a supposed tomb be built with hundreds of rooms which are then smoothly or cheaply retrofitted or else sealed or bricked off? Why build a supposed Mughal tomb with ‘drum houses’ and one is still referred to as a ‘drum house’? While build a traditional shrine treasure well to house treasure given by pilgrims? Why build an entire complex of support buildings as if anticipating thousands of pilgrims to come and worship a tomb?

        Either this woman was anticipated to become the most famous Sufi saint in the world (The Sufi saints occupy ornate tombs) or else this was a huge complex originally built for another and then retrofitted to become a tomb. A Sufi tomb to a saint ie a saintly mother. I have no doubt that Dara who was a Sufi saw his saintly mother as a saint entitled to a tomb. But his father was an conservative Muslim and in Islam saint and tomb cults are haram. So quite simply nothing about the Taj rings true by any rational examination. JEF

  2. Aji Gilbert says:

    Very interesting, can’t believe…..Please refer me more books….

    • fairawayland says:

      The best book is the ‘Last Mughal’ and also 1857 Jihad by Prof More (Indian). 1857 Jihad totally debunks every myth of 1857 and proves it was beyond doubt jihad by Wahhabists. ‘The Last Mughal’ likewise proves that. Internal Brit governmental documents also prove that the army that General Rose commanded were mostly Maratha, Shudra of the Bombay and Madras Armies, Hyderabad royal regiments, and some regiments of other Decca Princely kingdoms. Translation: Rose commanded mostly Indian Maratha with only a few hundred ‘imports’ mostly Scottish vets of the Crimea. The confusing Gwalior contingent that mutinied against Scindia were Bengal Army regiments leased to Scindia in the hope they would not mutiny if commanded by an Indian. They still did. So did Scindia Muslim militias. But his Rajputs and Maratha never mutinied and fought for him against the Rani. The Rani’s army was 90% Muslim or Bengal Army Brahmins. Not Maratha. So the Rani was actually fighting against the Maratha in Gwalior. Therefore it was a civil war. The army of Indians fighting for Rose were fighting without pay to rescue Scindia at Gwalior. They were fighting the Rani voluntarily. They must have believed in what they were fighting for. JF

      • trichur325 says:

        full of rubbish and nonsense

      • fairawayland says:

        Prove it by refuting my facts then. Rational debate means rationally refuting facts. Refute my facts. Just hurling insults will not prove your case. No one will respect your position unless you refute my facts by presenting a rational argument. I have presented solid facts confirmed by many sources. I have presented additional evidence in rebuttals to insults documenting the policy of Mughals to either destroy holy places, or else recycling the stones of holy places to build their own places, or else confiscating holy places to become their own holy places. So present your case if you can. If you cannot present a rational case don’t embarrass yourself by ranting and cursing and hurling insults. JEF

  3. Ilesh says:

    Please tell the real story of public

    • fairawayland says:

      I think I have. I did the research. lots. Including bios of the Emperor and gem merchants who had no reason to lie. The Koran retrofit on top of expensive inlay in the façade is the smoking gun. Why retrofit marble on top of expensive inlay? retrofit! A man who butchers Rajput Rani is not a man who knows love. I think Dara the Sufi son placed his mother inside the looted Shiva temple because of his love for her. Sufi believes in Divine Love manifested in Human Love. What is greater than the love of a mother? Dara saw the Taj as the symbol of a mother’s love. JF

  4. Sheer non-sense b*llsh*t fantasy dreamed by a Hindu bigot posing as Christian

    • fairawayland says:

      Do you homework. Research. Read. The facts are obvious. Study the photos. Shiva symbols carved into the interior marble? Pleeesse! Koran quotes retrofitted on top of inlay? Pleeesse! Why? why add marble on top of beautiful inlay? retrofit! Retrofit means later addition! Why build hundreds of rooms and elaborate support buildings including a music ie drum building if this was a Muslim tomb. Then brick them up? Pleeeese! The window to Mecca faces south. Wrong! So the Mughals confiscated it? Winners confiscate all the time. So what? why continue the lie? Even famous Indian mosques boast looted Jain columns. To the winner goes the spoils of war. But why lie? The Taj is Indian. Hindus. Shiva. The sky won’t fall if the phony romantic tale is stripped off. JF

  5. Burhanuldin says:

    “…They boast there are 99 names for Allah but ‘Love’ is not one of them. Allah is not the Divine Father but rather the Divine Master. A worshiper does not embrace Divine Love but rather surrenders to the Divine Slavery of Submission. Peace of Surrender….”
    Please check and verify your self…

    ….you cannot malign ad defame a Ferrari car because the driver is rash… I am confident that you are one among those who suffer from Islamophobia…

    Most of the things about Islam you have portrayed here are out of context…with no sense…you are just envying that every historical thing that is present in india is either Mughal or British gift…even Indian rail is a gift from outsiders…rest I do not care whether Taj was built by a Hindu or a Muslim that would be foolish to talk of…but what matters is that you wish to spread hatred by making your illogical comments and forcing your imagination to be accepted by all… you do not even know how to write properly… but I cannot blame your religion for your nonsense… Peace be with you

    • fairawayland says:

      I am not quote sure what you are saying. The Mughals did not build the Taj. Hindu did. It is too political to acknowledge. The Muslim Koran quotes are retrofitted on top of inlay marble in the façade. To me that proves the Muslim Koran quotes are added after the fact. Why else? If done at the time of construction then why not inlay the quotes into the façade with the rest of the inlay? Retrofit? Later addition. Therefore not Mughal. Hindu. Ditto red Fort. The Persian Ambassador gossiped that when he visited the Red Fort he could see it was obviously Rajput and not Mughal and he snidely insulted the Emperor accordingly. jf

    • JejuneRambler says:

      Finally someone who thought the same about this article! I think the facts are quite plausible but the tone of the article reeks of communal bias.

      • fairawayland says:

        I am an American. I don’t know what communal bias is. But I did not enjoy having Muslims sent me comments threatening my life and hurling profanities at me and cursing me out. Is that communal bias? JEF

    • Sanjeevani Chindarkar says:

      Dont know whether Taj is built by Hindus or Muslims but your statement ‘every historical thing that is present in india is either Mughal or British gift’ is wrong. Check history.. all the Muslim rulers starting from Ghazni have plundered Hindu temples and destroyed many historic places.
      What about the Buddhist sculptures, Ashokan edicts were those also built by the Muslim rulers or British?
      The forts built by Rajputs and Marathas, temples in South India?
      Have some respect for the country you live in!
      It is only the tolerant nature of the residents of this country that people like you and your comments are allowed! Try saying this in one of the Muslim countries!

      • fairawayland says:

        I don’t know who started ‘everything is either built by Mughals or Brit debate. I did not say that. in fact my study indicates the builders under the Mughals were Hindus and the first cutting edge achievements in India were under the Buddhists. British achievements were in technological building like the amazing telegraphic network (largest in world) and amazing railroads (still some of the most amazing in world) and irrigation canals (likewise some of the most amazing in the world ). Many of the engineers who finished the massive infrastructure were trained in British engineering schools. Once Hindus and Sikhs were able to learn Western engineering techniques on top of Hindu engineering techniques then India produced some of the most amazing engineering achievements in the world. And once Hindus and Sikhs adopted Western Mass production of steel (coal and coke ) then India steel making took off. Of course Buddhist discovered iron which did not rust (but the secret was lost ) and invented Wootz Steel which was the best steel in the world until it vanished around 1700 during the last Mughal wars. But Wootz was never mass produced. And the secrets to its production were lost.

        But clearly India far and away excelled and the Mughals merely exploited the Hindus and Sikhs while contributing almost nothing whatsoever except introducing the Visogoth (spelling sorry ) Spanish horseshoe arch (which the Moors did not invent but merely copied ). Hindu temples were already famous before the Mughals arrived. Indian math for engineering and used of iron and steel in building construction was already famous as well. all before the Muslims invaded. Indian cannon making was already in existence and continued for a century before finally being surpassed by Western cannon techniques (using mass produced Western steel to achieve rifling and then breech loading). Mughals merely snapped their fingers and bellowed ‘let it be so’ but the people doing the building and engineering and construction were Hindus and Sikhs. Early Muslim mosques were built from destroyed Hindu and Jain temples or else cannibalized Hindu and Jain temples. Cannibalization does not count as achievement.

        Even the Brits were often ruthless capitalists but they also did finance and build (with Indian workers and later Western trained Hindu and Sikh engineeers) some of the most amazing infrastructure in the world (for its time). And unlike the Mughals to took 30-50% of the GNP for personal gain , the British did invest what today would be billions in India. Stefan Molyneux has a great factional youtube video on this by the way. Mughals took. Brits did ‘Profit for Progress’. But by the 1950s India was the most industrial and advanced country in Asia outside of Japan and it had great infrastructure and commercial agriculture and schools and hospitals to build on (compared to the rest of Asia outside of Japan). Muslim ruled countries entered the 1950s with some of the worse because Muslims historically simply did not do the needful things other than wage jihad and ghazi razzia looting. crude extractive economics of the viking except turbans instead of horned helmets. The Ottoman and Mughal Empires were the sick man of Europe and Asia respectively. in fact both famous Muslim empires (along with the Persian Empire) were all bankrupt by 1700.

        That is why the Taj is not a symbol of Mughal or Muslim anything. Even if the myth is true, which it is not, all the Mughal Emperor did was snap his fingers and bellow ‘let it be so’ but the people who engineered and designed and built the Taj were Hindus working for his hated in laws (Jainpur I believe ). The father in law had the marble and workers. When he ordered his marble quarry closed and locked up his workers the Taj work stopped. And the money to build the Taj? That came from 50% taxes levied on Hindus and Jain and Sikhs. jizya. So the Taj is a symbol of Indians toiling for their task master either to retrofit a Shiva temple into a tomb or else to build a tomb. Typical of the 30- 50% extravagance waste of GNP done by the Mughals. the Mughals could not even finish the Delhi canal to bring needed water. the Brits finished that! At worst it was cannibalization. At best it was extravagant folly.

        There is absolutely nothing Muslim about the Taj except the marble gibberish retrofitted OVER the inlay facade. And it is gibberish. Arabic quotes taken out of context and chopped up and plastered over the facade by people who obviously could not read the Arabic or else did not care (because they were Hindu workers ). the Mughals tended to be illiterate. But probably when someone finally told the emperor the crudely added Koran quotes were slapped incoherently over the facade he then ordered hands of workers chopped off. There is no other rational reason why he did order hands of workers, Hindus, chopped off. So the Taj is a symbol of conquered India. Period. JEF

  6. jefilia says:

    i don’t think its real but very horror images. i am hot and sexy

  7. Nandini says:

    It’s all fact?

    • fairawayland says:

      Researched. I read every web site and Indian sites. I say it is correct. Indian biographers of Jaipur confirm Jaipur had the original fireman imperial degrees of confiscation of the Taj. If the Taj as built from scratch then why would Jaipur have imperial confiscation orders? Also imperial orders for more marble to ‘match’ the marble of the Taj? Why did Jaipur lock up its marble? It is confirmed marble was ripped out of upper story rooms and the Western gem merchants saw the Taj before and after. They said the Emperor spent more money building the scafford than building the Taj. That means he was just shoving retrofitted marble over the top of inlay marble. Look at photos. The Muslim Koran quotes are marble retrofitted on top of finished inlay. Why? I think that is the kicker. Why shove marble on top of inlay? Why not inlay Koran quotes into the marble? To me that is the smoking gun that proves the Taj was not Muslim. JF

  8. Rajab Ali Himmati says:


    • fairawayland says:

      Check the inlay of the Muslim quotes. Retrofit on top of the inlay marble façade. Why? Unless retrofitted and added later. Why? Because the Taj is Indian. Not Mughal. I did research the Mughal Emperors and the story is correct. Tragic. Correct. The bio of the Emperor does boast that during his rule Indians were starving to death at such a rate bodies littered the roads and people grinded bones into flour. He also sexually abused and murdered Rajput Royal Princesses. jF

  9. Saswat says:

    Some excellent material you have there bro.. Only thing is to bring this to the eyes of the public and the world as a whole..
    But inference doesn’t carry much weight in present day world as do clear hard proofs.. Just hop that the sealed up doors are opened and the truth brought to the limelight..

    • fairawayland says:

      I read over fifteen books plus over one hundred web sites before I built the over all web site. For the taj I read over twelve web sites. I probably should list my references. But the two key sources are the official biography of the emperor by his Muslim biographer of the era and a biography of Dara. The Emperor’s own bio admits he was a tyrant toward the non Muslims of India and spent his entire life trying to conquer or convert the non Muslims by brutal force. His own bio admits millions were starving and he would attack rani of Rajputs and sexually butcher them. His own Rajput in-laws loathed him as well as his son who succeeded him. Dara was a Sufi. His bio is tragic. If he had become emperor he might have given India another rule like Akbar the Great. However the bio of father and son also confirm that despite Muslim prejudice against her, the wife and mother was patent, kind, loving, loyal. Every virtue. I then made the educated guess that if a famous diamond merchant saw the wife buried in the gardens by her unloving husband then the only person who could have dared rebury her inside the looted Taj would have to be Dara. Sufi see Divine Love in Human Love. The Beloved. Isn’t a mother the ultimate incarnation of human love? JFRose.

  10. priya says:

    there is no such thing as Koran , it is Quran and Quran is all about Allah, not about buildings.
    Mahal is a urdu word too

    • fairawayland says:

      Koran is the 1857 English spelling that the Victorian Nicholson would have used. Mahal is Rajput common word that was absorbed into Urdu because it means house. Why would a tomb be called ‘House’? That would be very rude —- unless it was at some point a house or mansion. Ditto the over 100 rooms and support buildings such as a large house or mansion required. No other extravagant Mughal tomb has such lavish empty rooms and support buildings. It is not important or unimportant if Mughals built the Taj Mahal. I do think it is important to acknowledge the people who really did built it because Mughals confiscated their heritage from them. To the winner goes the spoils. fine. The winner takes the loot. fine. The Mughals confiscated the loot. fine. But it is wrong for modern day Muslims to claim the achievements done by others which they only looted. the Rajputs in general and Rajah of Jaipur in particular owned the Taj Mahal as royal patrons. A Mughal emperor and in law took it by force twice. Akbar The Great did the right thing to return it after his grandfather took it by force. his grandson took it back. That insulted their Rajput in laws and the Rajputs. Lets give the Rajputs the belated credit. JEF.

  11. VISHAL KHAN says:

    I’m agreed to all of the above facts .I want thank for making beware of truth. I’m now full of real suspense. I want to make this truth spread in the whole world.

  12. Rajan Das says:

    I just dont undertsand the fact that why everyone is commenting properly but in disguise,,,,i can bet all of the above persons commented on the post already have changed their name and religion…but my question is why??

    • fairawayland says:

      I don’t quite know what you are asking to reply. sorry. my angle is history. the facts say the Taj is a different thing to different people. the Jats of the town see the Taj as their stolen temple. the Rajah of Jaipur sees a huge family insult committed by the Mughal inlaws who twice stole their property from them. The insult is all the greater for their having the fireman imperial degrees confiscating the taj. The Rajputs see the Taj as their stolen history and the looting done by the conquering Mughals. To the conqueror goes the spoils of war like the Red Fort and the Taj and their daughters they had to deliver to royal harem brothels to appease their Islamic masters. To the British it was a prickly problem after 1857 to appease a minority so violently bitter by defeat they were willing to butcher everyone. To the West the Taj is a romantic symbol of love such as the West loves. To Bollywood it is Romance Indian style. who cares about the facts which don’t support the romance. To the Wahhabists and Islamists it is a political symbol of Islamic triumph over India. India is ‘unfinished business’ and must be conquered and converted before the Islamic End of the World. Dar ul Harb India is was the jewel in the Islamic crown of the Caliphate and its loss is bitter. To Muslims it is a symbol of their brilliance as the ‘best of the best’ over the ‘vilest of animals’ the pigs and dogs and monkeys and apes as the Najis Filthy Kafirs and Shirks are called. Yet the Taj is obvious Indian jahiliyyah pollution — pagan ShirkIndian and not at all Islamic from every Rajput décor to Shiva symbol to the south orientation instead of toward Mecca to the ritual drum house and bathing ghats for Hindu pilgrims. A bitter irony. The Taj is like the so-called Golden Age of Islam — mostly the product of Muhtadi pundit converts and Dhimmis and not real Muslims at all. The Taj is like the decimal system and zero —- claimed by Muslims to be their creations when they are historically Buddhist Indian inventions. Muslims want the Taj to symbolize their greatness over the infidel and unbeliever and kafir and shirk. But it is a lie. the Mughals confiscated what the Rajputs created and the Jats worshiped. They looted the work of others. They triumphed by war and looting. Sure. Fine. Muslims historically conquered a quarter of the planet and their imperial empires once were great. Muslims used to be good at war. But Muslims historically failed to follow up by doing anything other than war. Now the Taj is a symbol to Islamist terrorists of haram romantic love and Rajput claims and British triumph over Islam which is why it must be protected 24/7 against bombers. That is why Muslims keep demanding the Taj be handed over to them to dominate and control to piss off the world. The Taj is India. And India is ‘unfinished business’ of conquest frustrated and interrupted and delayed and foiled. How can the Caliphate be restored until the Taj is conquered again? The Taj is India. India is Dar ul Harb House of War foiling Islamic Triumph. And Dar ul Islam Pakistan does not have it. they only have the ruins of Taxila one of the wonders of the ancient world which was Buddhist. so they just destroy Taxila while lusting to have the Taj which is the symbol of India. And one of Pakistan’s many nukes probably is aimed at the Taj and has the Taj’s name written on it in chalk. Sooner or late Muslims just need to make peace with the world. Peace might start by admitting the Taj is India and Muslims invaded India. But Muslims are not India. Muslims can become India. Why not make the Taj the ideal aspiration of Muslims to become India. Love for India. Not conquest of India as ‘unfinished business’? Love for India? Share the Taj. Share India. wipe the chalk off the nuke pointed at the Taj and declared peace. wipe the label Dar ul Harb off India and declare India to be Dar ul Peace. House of Peace. Dara, a Sufi, saw the Taj as peace and a mother’s love. Why not follow Dara’s lead? Share the Taj. Share the love. Share India. JEFRose

      • rashid says:

        well…thats a good story friend…but what about the architecture of the taj mahal??!!!! how on earth a shiva temple was bulit with a mughal architecture….!??? bahut lamba chauda bhashan de dia ..
        u wud hav thought about that….

      • fairawayland says:

        don’t be rude. research. Rajput architecture is this! this is Rajput! Mughals hired local Indians to build all of their stuff! the victory tower in delhi is indian built by local Indians with the sword held over their heads and the mosques with jain columns were indian built with the sword held over their heads and the mosques built from stones of the original hindu temples defiled and turned upside down are indian built. the masters destroyed the original indian temples and then recycled the stones to prove their triumph over the infidel. the best stuff was confiscated for their private use. Mughals were barbaric tent warriors who rode into the Punjab and conquered civilized people. they destroyed taxila and razed 20 advance and sophisticated Buddhist cities of the Gandhara Buddhists. then they reached the Rajput civilization and looted, burn libraries, destroyed hindu temples, conquered and confiscated forts and palaces of the rajputs. what today is called Mughal civilization is savage huns becoming civilized by the native indian population and adopting some of their sophisticated civilization.

        study the photos of the taj. the shiva symbols. the Rajput inlay. the incorrect south orientation, the retrofitted mosque, the drum house for islam that does approve of music, the 200 rooms sealed up and bricked up, the marble inlay of the symbols of shiva, the retrofitted Koran quotes set OVER the Rajput inlay.

        read the evidence in the lists of famous shiva temples that existed before the Mughals came, the most famous is the now MISSING crystal temple of shiva exactly where the taj is standing now. the original autobiography of the mughal conqueror boasted of spending his summers in his confiscated trophy the crystal temple exactly where the taj is standing now. read what the famous European gem merchants wrote as they visited delhi and saw the taj before and after it was confiscated and how the boasting emperor spent more money erecting the scafford outside than on the entire temple —- a dig on the fact he built the scafford to add cheap retrofitted Koran quotes over the existing enlay. a gem merchant wrote how he went to a picnic where he was forced to endure the boasting and swaggering of this emperor who held a picnic as he dumped his dead wife’s corpse into a grave in the garden while boasting how much he looted from the interior of the locked up taj.

        the rajah of Jaipur has the fireman imperial degrees of confiscation and was so angry he locked up his famous white marble quarry when ordered to provide a small amount of such white marble such as was used before to be delivered to the emperor. connect the dots. the owner of the special white marble built the taj. he refused to supply such marble such as was used before to the bounder to retrofit the confiscated taj. so the upper rooms were stripped of their marble (photographs exist) to retrofit the taj into a monument to the proud emperor to show his triumph over the infidel and shirk. this follows common pattern of using sacred hindu sites to become mosques. the body in the garden as moved inside later —– probably by dara because he loved his mother as much as his proud father did not! so don’t insult me and ignore all of the research. do you own research. prove me wrong if you can. but don’t cavalierly throw insults at me. jefrose.

    • Gokul Dhudhuria says:

      You are absolutely correct! I agree!!

  13. fairawayland says:

    I am getting more comments by Muslims. I would post them but they are filled with obscenities and profanity such as cannot be posted. They are also full of threats to my life. These comments embarrass Muslims and embarrass Islam. I know many Muslims believe in ‘We must rule ourselves and we must rules others’ as a famous Yahoo posting recently proclaimed. And the Taj is a perfect symbol of Islam ruling —- by conquering and looting the riches of India. The Taj was seized as a trophy of war by the conquering Mughals. Fine. Sure. Triumph of Islam. But unless you can deliver facts supporting the Taj as being anything other than conquered loot seized by the Mughals then please stop threatening my life while spewing out obscenities. This juvenile behavior only degrades you and your religion.

    Facts! give me facts why 200 rooms were built and then locked or walled off or bricked up? Why? tell me why? or else stop cursing me. Tell my why Shiva symbols are carved into the white marble? Tell my why the orientation is south instead of toward Mecca. Tell my why the mosque interior was crudely retrofitted and there is a haram drum (music) building and a ritual ghat to bath (Hindu)? Tell me why the Koran quotes are retrofitted on top of the exterior walls? Tell me why the décor is Rajput?

    Tell me why European gem merchants wrote of seeing the Taj before it was seized by the emperor and why gem merchants joked that the emperor spent more money erecting the scaffold to retrofit Koran quotes over the exterior Rajput décor than he did building the Raj? Tell me why the Rajah of Jaipur has the imperial fireman degrees of confiscation and also the imperial fireman degrees demanding a little more marble such as was used before? Why did the Rajah of Jaipur lock up his famous marble quarry to deny the marble? Causing the upper floor rooms to be stripped of marble? to crudely retrofit the taj? Tell my why the Mughal who conquered India boasted of confiscating the taj to be his summer palace? Tell me why there are Hindu descriptions of the 5th Crystal Palace (mahal) of the city and today there are only 4 —- plus the white marble Taj Mahal? Tell my why the so-called Islamic crescent in the inlay is actually a Shiva Crescent Moon? Come on! Pony up facts! not profanity and threats to my life!

    Tell me the facts! Don’t just curse me and threaten my life! Tell me why a famous European gem merchant was invited to a picnic where he watched the emperor bury the ‘much decayed corpse’ of his dead wife in the garden while boasting how much loot he looted from the Taj? Tell me why? Explain to me why? Tell me why later Indians studying the Taj saw the eyes of idols through cracks in walls and locked up inside lower chambers?

    Explain why rooms are locked up? What are they hiding? Would any other country lock up secret rooms? Hell’s bells no! They would have TV cameras on why discovering what is locked up! Only the Taj is locked up! Secret rooms locked away! Why? Tell me why? Explain why? Otherwise stop cursing me and threatening my life like someone throwing a temper fit! Don’t repeat myths! Give me the facts! Don’t repeat Bollywood movies! Give me facts! Or else stop threatening to kill me! What sort of behavior is this? to threaten my life? What sort of religion is Islam that it requires Muslims to threaten to kill people? Explain why you believe that as Muslims you are entitled to threaten to kill people? Come on! Explain that if you cannot explain anything else! If you cannot provide facts proving that Muslims actually built the Taj then at least quote Koran 9:29 about killing the infidel to explain why you are threatening my life.

    I would also like to hear from Hindus why you are allowing your government to lock away secret rooms that could prove the Taj is Hindu. Not Mughal. Why are you allowing holy symbols of Shiva to molder away in dark rooms locked away from view? if I and other people are wrong then isn’t the simplest way to disprove our theory to unlock the locked up lower secret rooms and zoom in a camera for the world to see if those rooms are empty or else full of ruble of destroyed holy relics of Shiva?

    Or are Indian politicians and historians so scared of death threats that they cannot reveal the truth? Has the Taj become a symbol of not only Islamic domination over the kafir and shirk but also quaking cowering cowardly dhimmitude? That truth cannot be revealed the way books must be burned and authors must be threatened with death and cartoonists must be threatened with death? Are Indian politicians scared if the Taj is revealed to be Hindu that a fanatic terrorist will bomb it? Ok. I can see that. it is a tragic reality that the world is now mostly cowering in terror because Islam justifies violence and thuggery to dominate and rule. But the end game is the world is surrendering to a religion of bullies and liars and thugs who threaten death to anyone who defies them and terror to anyone who defies them and destruction to anything that defies them. And that is tragic. JEF Rose.

    PS, I know most Muslims are not thugs and terrorists and only thugs are cursing me and threatening my life. But the reality is that while most Muslims are not thugs and terrorists, they are very very very quiet so the thugs and terrorists are winning.

  14. Naresh Appala says:

    I know that Hinduism is a way of life .. it is the right way of life.. till that invaders came to india.. it is peaceful .. and devine , sacred people live a humble and happy life.. with the influence of other countries domination and their greed for indian civilization and richness and divine knowledge of god.. they want to won it and make them as theirs cruel acts..

    there are lot of hindu scriptures innovations and many other great indians knowledge was robbed and patented by other countries and religions.. but no one can change this way of life because it is the real way for human beings to live to keep humanity in the world. Hinduism is the way of life.. All Hinduism practices are copied and patented by many people … why because it is truth and knowledge science and technology and best way to live happily.

    Hinduism is not religion it is a way of life and all the other religions are following it in their scriptures because it is started first and here and many people are learned from here…and they are applying in their religions and innovations.. what ever they may.

    What the Ancients are wanted is a peaceful and happy life with prosperity … even robbing a medicine for someone’s life is not wrong as per humanity… but every one should respect their religion but don’t forget that when humanity exists over god’s exist… Sarvejana sukinobhavanthu om shanti shanti shantihi.

    • fairawayland says:

      I agree and all of my research says the Taj started out as a temple to Shiva. The original source of the ‘Love’ that Taj symbolizes is the love of Shiva for his Beloved and the Shakti or inspiration of love to make a man better. I think Dara who was a Sufi understood the original meaning of the Taj. The Sufi believe in the Divine Love mirrored in the Beloved. So he turned the seized and looted Taj into a Sufi tomb to the saint of his life: his mother whose love was an inspiration or Shakti to him. So the Hindu and Sufi concepts of Divine Love and the Beloved and the inspiration of love merged. Later the Westerners introduced their version of love, Romantic Love to the mix. So the Taj represents the power of love to inspire and transform human beings. JEF

      • Gokul Dhudhuria says:

        You are Great to have done so much research in the right direction. I am overwhelmed with all that I read here and our line of grand-parents already told us most of the brutalities of Moguls and Britishers and the life long before FOREIGN INVADERS starting invading India and claiming it to be theirs! Look at the horrible fate of the Moguls and the Britishers were KICKED OUT OF INDIA. Now India is in safe hands of the BJP and we have a lot of expectations from the BJP Government to Resurrect the Taj to Tejo Mahal , the Abode of Shiva as a small token of appreciation to the Lord Shiva!!!!!!!!!

        You have done what some people take entie Lifetimes to do!!!!!
        Om Nanah Shivayah!!!!

      • Why not request BJP govt to open all those rooms in basements of Taj Mahal, that will throw more light on origins of Taj Mahal?

  15. Biman says:

    It is the long Mughal & Colonial rule beside the preponderance of the interpretation of Fate being ruled by Karma, that has shaped the psyche of the average Indian. The Brahmins never wanted a strong polity and thus we became slaves and continue to be so. ^7 years of Indepndenc & India has not been able to rewrite its history. Why? Because we are divided, weak and selfish with no concept of a Nation.

  16. Vivek Goyal says:

    Dear John,
    This is a wonderful post, it is an eye opener and confirms what I have believed for quite some time. I belong to Agra and my father and grand fathers have lived there for generations. I don’t blame people who are writing to you and abusing you….it is the easiest thing to do when someone does not have proof or any way to counter the argument with facts or research.
    I hope that someone who is politically powerful enough has the courage to open the shut doors of Taj Mahal and let Indians be proud of their heritage and as you say give people their due credit.
    If you ever visit India and specially Agra, please let me know…would love to meet you in person and discuss the topic in detail at the “site of the crime”.

  17. Yogesh says:

    Thanks for your research on Indian Monument .
    Your efforts will get justified now as there will be a petition filed in supreme court of India to open the locked doors of Taj Mahal .

  18. Sharon Raiprakash says:

    why dnt we jst stp this hindu vs muslim war and whatevr be it fact remains TAJ MAHAL is the one of the wonders of the world so jst be prou of dat

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  20. This is a great tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Simple but very precise info… Many thanks for sharing this one.
    A must read article!

  21. more info says:

    fantastic blog. There’s lots to thing about on this page.

  22. A good effort to bring out the truth, thank you but I don’t I see a share button,.
    Are you an anthropologist? writer or just a curious reader? I would like to understand many more such truths which unfortunately gets beaten as communal and all other nonsense currently in India

  23. pragya says:

    Thanks a ton JF, you are a worrier of light I guess! I salute the ardent efforts u have put behind developing a website,for the §ake of spreading the truth, for the sake of truth alone e to be known!
    The problem with our previous generation was that, they were unresourseful n ignorant.
    There was no Internet, no connection with their ancestral roots..n on top of everything,they were/are misguided n brain washed by the Macanley’s education system!
    Ppl never knew the reality….

    But now the time is changing !
    We are going to change it !
    I apologise on the behalf of every warm blooded, patriotic ward of the Ancient Vedic civilization, we the “BharatVaasi” for letting this happen!
    I apologise n share the wrath u had to share from the other end…all alone!
    I am there with you!
    N so are many many more valiant BharatVaasi’s….
    Let the time ripen!
    Jay Shiv Shankar!
    May this universe protect and nurture you! 🙂
    Have faith! You will see what’s behind the locked gates someday!
    I asure !
    NaMo Namah….

  24. srijana says:

    i did my research too…

  25. Janaka says:

    Awesome article dude. I’ll be up all night now reading about India’s history. : )

  26. peace4all says:

    Good Article, from a foreigner, having no stake in the origins of a world famous monument, except seeking the truth, based on ‘historical facts”.
    A few ‘simple’ questions:
    1) How is that the Mughals who invaded & ruled most parts of India for centuries, were unable to construct any such grand structures anywhere in the middle east ASIA, where they were supposed to have originated from!!!!!????
    2) Can anybody dispute the fact that thousands of beautiful temples, Stupas, Viharas, Monasteries were razed to the ground, by the invading Mughals due to their sheer intolerance?? {the Bamiyan Buddhas is the most recent example}
    3) What is IRON PILLAR (supposed to be more than 1500 yrs old) doing in front of the Qutub Minar?

    Law of Nature is perfect; “whatever destructions has been ‘sown’ in the past, shall come back to claim those who have sought to destroy others”

  27. Raaj says:

    The author has really tried to depict a true and genuine picture of the Taj. There are few more articles/books available on the same theme. if anyone want to real a interesting piece of work by a famous author you can write me, i will forward that to you. (n o n i . 2 5 0 3 @ g m a i l . c o m)
    Please post it. The Truth should be spread.

  28. Reshma says:

    Wow. Agreeing with you. I have read many sites and checked the photos where the doors are sealed
    , the om flowers and all. I don’t know why this things are hidden. If this facts ate wrong the government can just open the sealed rooms take videos and reveal the facts and bring an end to this hoax. I’m not interested about communal riots or anything . But the truth should be revealed

  29. Ssss says:

    This truth should be revealed….to all the people in the world😯

  30. I am glad to find out that yours is even more than I hoped for, and had been looking on your own website for a similar matter as the one. Thanks, and should you like you’ll be able to look at my increased website here and please let me understand what you feel about the consequence.

  31. swetha says:

    very nice

  32. This is interesting. Although I have read The Last Mughal but I only concentrated on the economic aspects of it. Good you did this research. I just don’t want another Babri Masjid scene again.. Sometimes it’s better for the common good to keep things hidden. Knowing the fact how recklessly Indians react to everything. Shah Jahan or Hindu.. whosoever built it.. It’ll still be in India and will always belong to us. People should admire the history but not attach sentiments to it that make them outrageous. As far as Shah Jahan is considered.. He did what rulers do.. Sometimes just sometimes not. Our system is still not free from corruption either. What we should learn from this is to stand up and fight against wrong when its done and not centuries later.

  33. neha gupta says:

    it hurts so much to know that our India was once the richest heritage and these foreigners… :/ plundered our India..looted everything…and today they are proud to be rich by the “stolen” wealth..! n thanx for sch a wonderful article.It encouraged my belief that mughals didn’t do anything good for India…nor did britishers or other invaders!!

    • taran says:

      i think persia is not so rich … mughals were not so kind they were cruel but they had no intentions of looting they had intentions of ruling… britishers on the contrary had intentions of looting

      • fairawayland says:

        Economic fact: the mughals squandered between 30 and 50% of the national GDP on palaces, tombs, luxuries, and wars to conquer and convert Old Hindustan
        Economic fact: by 1702 Mughal Hindustan was bankrupt. descriptions of the Great Trunk Road described it a decayed and choked with weeds and dacoits. Surat port was moldering compared to Kafir ports which were being invested in and built up. All sides of the wars (Mughal and Maratha) were buying Western cannon and gunpowder (when once India was famous for both). And the EIC and VOC was making more money selling weapons than in textiles because textiles were so wreaked by the non stop wars.

        Economic fact: mughal land taxes were 50% and interest was (ironically) nearly 50% as well.

        Economic fact: by 1705 Wootz steel, the best steel in the world was gone. the Mughal wars killed the small Indian peasant smelters who created the raw wootz for sale to sword makers (including Damascus steel makers which is just Wootz with a ‘make in Damascus’ label on it).

        Economic fact: the artisan textiles industry was wreaked by the wars because most artisan weavers and spinners were poor peasants.

        fact: the official Muslim written biography of the emperor who confiscated the Taj BOASTED that the Hindus were starving by the untold thousands, lined up along the Great Trunk Road, starving, dying, selling their children to buy food, grinding up the bones of their own dead to make a crude flat bread (probably mixed with mud which is an international trick the starving use all over the world). Per Sharia Muslim charity does not give food to the starving who are not Muslims. no record exists of the Mughals supplying famine relief to starving Hindus. So this official Muslim bio BOASTED OF THE FAMINES DURING THIS MAN’S RULE AS A TRIUMPH FOR ISLAM! This is the official Muslim written bio done in the time of this emperor! BOASTING OF FAMINES KILLING THOUSANDS OF HINDUS!

        Economic facts of the EIC and RAJ

        They built the first Ganges Irrigation canal (cost three million in that time) after spending millions (proved by accounting records) to try to solve a famine in the region. By 1948 the Brits built the largest irrigation canal complex in the world which formed the foundation for the ‘Green Revolution’. Sure. irrigation canals and also dams by themselves did not cure Indian famine and the Brits tended and still tend to throw money at famine (example millions given for African famines which do not cure famine today/ But at least, unlike the Mughals, the Brits tried to solve famine and built massive irrigation canals, cost of millions,the cost absorbed by India House which carried the India National Debt. The Brits also built the largest railroad complex and largest telegraphic complex in world, started the post office, built tarmac roads to fight monsoon flooding, built hundreds of bridges, built port infrastructure,. sewers, aquaducts, schools, hospitals, universities. None of which the Mughals bothered to do. By 1948 India was second most industrialized country outside of Japan and far and away ahead of China or other Asian countries.

        More economic facts

        in 1848 if India House dropped India then the British people would have enjoyed a 25% drop in their taxes. by 1848 India was costing the UK more than it was profiting. British commerce only needed ports and free markets. colonies are expensive. By 1848 the world had free open markets. colonies became redundant. The UK was the first country to open markets and offer low tariff free global trade. Trade mark of UK ‘Classic’ English School of Economics of Hume, Smith, and Ricardo. The ONE protection tariff on printed cotton was dropped. No protection tariffs! Get it Low or no tariffs and the anti-inflation gold standard was the trade mark of UK rule! Why did India House continue to modernize India if they could have save themselves millions and give the UK people a 25% cut in their taxes? Answer: it was the moral thing to do: to plow millions (today it would be billions or trillions) into India to modernize it. (Likewise to build modern Canada and Australia and New Zealand and other colonies). The UK built up all of their colonies — more than any other country —- and invested more in their colonies than anyone else in the world or in history. Please read Bernard Lewis ‘What Went Wrong’ to compare the Imperial British Empire to the Imperial Ottoman Empire and then say who was better!

        More economic facts: by 1948 India House run India featured 26% increase in exports, 29% increase in GNP, 22% increase in imports, 33% increase in growth of population, 80% increase in real national income, 84% increase in amount of land under cultivation, 100% increase in railroads, 400% increase in factory output as expensive factories were built and the first steel works were built and the ‘Manchester Bombay’Textile Mills were built, 500% in crease in bank savings, 100% in crease in coal production after UK developed first coal reserves in India and encouraged metallugists to switch from charcoal to coke and coal. ‘The Long Divergence’ documents that Hindus and Jain and Sikhs were soon in all levels of plantations, stocks and bonds, international global trade, corporations, boards of directors, banks, consortium and partnership franchise of high street shops. UK Capitalism was and still is an ‘equal opportunity offender’! Anyone can buy a ticket and get on board! Muslims failed utterly because of Sharia law.

        total spent by India House in India by 1948: 4.1 billion (at that time so today that would be trillion). This is on top of India House creating Indian Army and cobbling 200 principalities and territories together to create nation of ‘India’ which did not exit until Raj. Translation: India House served as NATO, EU, and World Bank to India and its other colonies. Today no single country can do that! PROFIT FOR PROGRESS plowed 4.1 billion (today trillion) into India.

        more economic facts:India House stopped imposition of Islamic slavery and Sharia Law on Hindus and allowed Hindus to rebuild their temples without fear of Muslim destruction. (please google list of Hindu temples and libraries destroyed or recycled into mosques by Muslims in Old Hindustan). Almost all Hindu temples in Muslim held parts of India today date AFTER 1818. Likewise India HOuse allowed full freedom of religion so Hindus could enjoy their religion and celebrations like Holi in public for the first time (illegal per Sharia in Mughal times ) and India House outlawed the infamous ‘pilgrim tax’ Muslims charged Hindus to worship at their few temples. Likewise India House outlawed jzyah and other burdensome and exploitative Dhimmi taxes in Hindus (while allowing the Five Pillars and Private Sharia for Muslims). India House introduced Property Rights, Due Process of Secular Law, Honest government, allowed Hindus to enter the civil service for the first time (against Sharia Law) , allowed caste and religious social mobility (against Sharia and Caste law). Also meritocracy, democracy Allow everyone to become tax collectors and administrators for the first time (against Sharia Law). And introduced modern Capitalism and High Finance, Insurance, Bankruptcy laws, Stock exchanges, Global investment, global trade. Please read ‘The Long Divergence’ to discover how medieval Sharia laws wreaks the economy and still today causes Muslims to be the most economically handicapped of all people. There is a saying the only thing worse than Capitalism is everything else! By 1700 all Islamic countries around the world were bankrupt.

        Niall Ferguson (Civilization the West and the Rest )and David Landes (The Wealth and Poverty of Nations ) proves that Western Capitalism outproduces all other economic systems including Islamic. So the introduction of Modern Western Economics grew India while Islamic Economics hurt India. likewise, India HOuse guarenteed all investment in India so international businesses were more willing to invest in India than other countries like China or Mexico or South America because it was ‘safer’. 1857 scared business investments so Canada got the most but India was second in investment monies. After 1948 international investment dropped because India was no longer seen as ‘safe’ for investment. Likewise City investments in India produced more bang for the buck than charity aid. After 1948 the UK offered charity and the charity was squandered and swallowed up by corruption. (Today even Bono says charity aid is wasted and advocated investment instead of charity in Africa).

        More economic facts: After 1948 India embraced Socialism and its GNP dropped to 0.69% growth. Pre 1948 India GNP was 4% and 7% taxes! on top of absolutely honest and fast administration minus bribes! How is India doing now? And India did not become a ‘tiger’ economy until it dropped Socialism, high tariffs, protectionism, and other RED HERRINGS AND AGAIN EMBRACED THE ENGLISH CLASSICAL SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS FORMULA FOR SUCCESS.Or as Ferguson says, the ‘Killer Aps’. Imagine what India would have been today if it stayed the course instead of wasting years on a RED DETOUR?

        please watch the Youtube video by Stefan Molyneux for the complete economic history lesson in embarrassingly correct economic facts politically incorrect though they might be!

        In conclusion: the Mughals and Sultans exploited Old Hindustan while butchering between 50 and 80 million Hindus and enslaving so many the Hindu Kush (‘Slaugher of the Hindu’) got its name. No battle occurred there. It was the mountain pass into Islamic Slavery into the Islamic Levant. 1948 caused economic stagnation. So did Gandhi junking of industrial textiles for morally superior artisan textiles . Pakistan was the product of Muslims who refused to live in Secular India if they could not rule India as its masters once more. The UK could not have prevented it.The Chip off the Old Gandhi butchered more Indian citizens during her rule than the last Raj rulers did. compare the massacres. Likewise, compare Muslim run Pakistan to UK run India and also compare Muslim run Pakistan to Secular run India and tell me who is better? Dar u Islamic Pakistan or India House or secular India which runs along the India House Westernized blueprint?

        Niall Ferguson has two great Youtube videos you can watch: the Killer Applications of Economic Success and his history of the British Empire, you can watch the India section. He is a hard nose economic historian. Stefan Molyneux is more hard nose but very factual. Facts are facts are facts are facts. The facts rule. Also check out my Victorian Blogs of Nicholson Political Officer sections about the Great Divergence, and Amazing Statistics which compare the UK economy to the India economy from 1000 to 1857 and the Great Mutiny. Statistics are statistics are statistics. Statistics rule! There is also a great Youtube video lecture on the ‘Long Divergence’ about the failure of Islamic Economics. JEF

    • Misbah Deshmukh says:

      Miss Neha Gupta you said that these foreigners plundered our india and looted everything. just tell me if they looted everything then where they spent that treasure? They built taj mahal in india not in persia or anywhere else. Now india is most famous because of this commendable taj mahal. did they build this in persia? if not why are you saying that they plundered india. My sister, they didnt do that, instead of plundering they gave a magnificent and one of the wonder of the world to India.
      You are saying that they plundered it, just because of your lack of knowledge. please do read authentic books of impartial writers. just dont rely on internet. let me tell you a single thing which will definitely clear your misunderstanding. Do you know King Aurangzeb. he was a great emperor of mughal dynasty. he ruled over a vast region of india for several years BUT he used to weave hats and other thing to fulfill daily needs of his family, he didnt spend a single penny from his treasure on him and his family. can you believe on it? this is PEERLESS. can you give me a single example like this, where a great emperor is doing a laborious task to get his bare living. no, you cannot. if a person is not utilizing a single penny on his family then how he can confiscate treasures and deprives his people from their legal and hard earned money? it not possible. it is unimaginable. than how can you say that they plundered you? You are making a false accusation on such a great person. this is disgraceful. shame on you. When Aurangzeb died he left nothing for his family except some essential commodities like some utensils, carpet and cloths.
      please do some research before making allegation on anyone.

      • fairawayland says:

        Aurangzeb locked up his father and murdered his elder brother Dara for apostasy for being Sufi. He hated being forced to repair that ‘old building’ as he called the Taj (indicating it was an old building and not new) and he killed to become emperor. During his rule of India he waged non stop wars to conquer the Hindus. He abused and terrorized his own in-laws including the brilliant Raj of Jaipur who saved his life as a child. He butchered Sikhs and destroyed hundreds of Hindu temples. He reimposed jizyah and other abusive dhimmi taxes and dhimmi persecutions. He seized holy talismans from even his in-laws and cemented them into the steps of the Great Mosque of Delhi so the faithful could defile them with their slippers as they came and went from mosque. He butchered thousands upon thousands. His surname should be ‘The Terrible’. He was terrible.

        By the end of his reign India was bankrupt (proven by Western economists) and India was so wreaked by non stop war the Great Trunk Road was ‘choked by weeds and dacaits’ and Surat Port was moldering. By then both the Muslims and Maratha Rebels were hocking everything to buy Western cannon and gunnery and gunpowder. The important thing about this titbit of economics is that India used to be very good at manufacturing this. Yet Jaipur’s cannon manufacturing ‘closed’ for lack of business. Why? War was the only thing booming in india by 1702! Answer: India industry was wreaked entirely. By 1705 wootz steel, the best steel in the world, was vanished. Indian textiles was also wreaked by the chaos of non stop war as indicated by exports levels and quality as well a quantity of work. during the last years of Aurangzeb India was wreaked and staving. famines every three years. Yet no monsoon failures so these famines were war famines.

        Your charming old emperor all but destroyed India with his non stop wars, bigotry, intolerance, and hate for his Rajput in-laws and the Rajput blood which he saw as Shirk and Najis. He saw India as Shirk and Najis. befouled and filthy. He pathologically hated India and perhaps himself.Certainly he hated his Grandfather Akbar The Great and his brother Dara and probably his saintly Rajput mother. Even nutters knit in lunatic houses. So he knitted haji caps? He wreaked India with his wars, his bigotry, his intolerance, his high taxes (Mughal land taxes were 50%) his bad economics, his view of Islam as the religion of submission and surrender to the ‘Divine Slavery’. Even his own kindred of Jaipur finally did a ritual divorce to get away from him.

        The Mughals climaxing with your charming chap confiscated between 30% and 50% of the GDP of India to finance their wars, tombs, palaces, and luxuries. this is proven. Western Economics has proved this. The Mughals saw India as their private cash holy cow to drain dry. They did. Only Akbar ruled India responsibly well. Statistics prove this. India peaked under Akbar. Then declined. After 1702 India then endured another century of nonstop civil war. 1818 saw the law man standing, the EIC, quietly march into Delhi because everyone else was too bankrupt and exhausted to fight any more. The EIC was bankrupt but the deep pocket of The City in The Mile carried the EIC. So Western Economics and Global Trade allowed a tiny island to economically conquer India. Fact. Sorry if you don’t like hard Western economic facts! But facts are facts!

        Unlike the Mughals, the EIC and the Raj invested in India. paved roads. bridges. modern ports. the largest telegraphic network in the world. the largest telephonic network in the world. the largest railroad network in the world. gaslight. electricity. damns. the largest irrigation canal network in the world. schools. universities. hospitals. restored ruined national treasures. No jizyah or other religiously intolerant and bigoted taxes. everyone was allowed to rebuilt their holy temples without fear of destruction. freedom of religion. The Hindu could celebrate Holi and other festivals for the first time in public. Christians could celebrate Christmas for the first time. the Jain could celebrate their holidays for the first time. The Sikhs did not have to fight every single day to stay alive for the first time. trade and investments and businesses of every type doubled and doubled and doubled. exports went up. imports went up. free global trade. no tariff. Capitalism. the non Muslims of the native population started to prosper. sure. the Muslims did not.

        But the economic book ‘The Long Divergence’ explains that was because Muslims refused to give up Sharia and Sharia is bad economic business law.Muslims were spoiled by Dhimmitude which rigs the game so they got everything without working for it or qualifying for it. When forced to compete on an equal playing field they failed. So the Muslims shot themselves in their collective big toe by refusing to go to modern Western schools and engaging in modern Western economic and business law and taking advantage of Capitalism when the non Muslims did. Even the upper castes of Hindus realized they had to change and evolve. They did. Not Muslims. Result: the Muslims became poor. bottom poor. next to the Untouchables in economic failure. That is the reality of today. But why? Why don’t you ask why?

        By 1948 many Hindus were rich. board of directors. high street stores. Bombay industrialists. Bombay millionares. Stock and Bonds investors. bankers. etc. etc. etc. India’s detour into socialism failed but now India is booming because it went back to the Capitalistic blueprint of success called the Great Divergence ie the Great Convergence. Look it up. Read about it! Your chap bled India dry. The British invested in India, acting as EU, NATO, and World Bank. Profit for Progress plowed millions (some seven million by 1948 which would be billions today) in India. Stefan Molyneux has a fantastic historic economic mini lecture on Youtube on British colonialism the BIG LIE and the embarrassing truth! Watch it!

        The embarrassing truth is Muslim Economics left India and the Islamic Levant bankrupt by 1702. Bankrupt by 1800. Bankrupt by 1900. The Imperial Persian and Arabic and Mughal and Ottoman Empires just wreaked and abused and bankrupted their victims. Ghazi Razzia + bad Sharia Business Law + Slavery + Jizyah Dhimmi persecution are ponzi schemes that ultimately wreak the economy and bankrupt the nation and drive out liquid capital and drive out hard working people and persecute and drive down everyone. There is a reason why the Ottoman Empire was the ‘sick man’ of Europe and the Mughal India was likewise the ‘sick man’ of Asia. So your chap might have knitted haji caps but he wreaked India.

        Islam likewise wreaked the originally rich and advanced and prosperous South East Levant and turned it into a backward, poor, uneducated, and desperately hungry place by 1900. this is pre colony. Western colonies only impacted the Islamic Levant for some 40 years. Islamic conquest and rule lasted between 666 and 1917 and after 1950 or 1955 and today. so who has ruled the longest? Islam or the Najis filthy Jahiliyyah polluted hell bound deviant and damnable West? Islam! Islam broke it and Islam owns it! Islam just won’t own up to it!

        The North West of Europe, Britain, Canada and America went into the Great Divergence starting around 1200 and were in the lead by 1500 and became the most rich, prosperous, industrious, productive, inventive, dynamic nations in the history of mankind. Inventing 95% of all inventions known to man. Compare the two performances for yourself. Great Divergence Christian Jewish West vs Negative Divergence Islamic World. Who is voting with their feet and going into Islamic ruled nations other than converts to ISIS? A Hindu Zero. Who is immigrating out of Islamic ruled countries into the Najis Filthy Jahiliyyah Polluted haram and hell bound deviant West? millions. Golly! I wonder why? Compare Pakistan economic growth to Secular Capitalistic India economic growth? um? I wonder who is a ‘tiger’ and who is a failed state? um? Can you guess?

        And oh yes. Your chappie Aurangzeb died pennyless because he died bankrupt. like his country. which he bankrupted. So a bankrupt boasting of his holiness because he bankrupted himself and his country is not an argument anyone really should make! A bankrupt is a bankrupt is a bankrupt. I worked in Bankruptcy Court for 30 years so I know bankruptcy! it is a lot of things! boasting of it? NO!

        I suggest you also do some research for yourself in Economics. Read ‘The Great Divergence’ And also Niall Ferguson ‘Killer Applications’ of winning economic success. Both are also on Youtube so you can listen to them after listening to Stefan Molyneux. Then come back and read my Word press articles on John Nicholson Political Officer about the impact of Great Divergence and Global Trade and Capitalism in India during the EIC. But please don’t try to sell the non Muslim world that your dear chap and his hand knitted haji caps was anything other than a tyrant and religious bigot who ran India into the ground. JEF

      • Sanjeevani Chindarkar says:

        Gosh are you really Deshmukh! Check the Maratha history MY DEAR SISTER! Aurangzeb tricked Sambhaji and got him married to his daughter and tried converting him to Islam when he refused his eyes were pierced and his skin removed when he screamed in pain and his body was then cut (when he was still alive) and left for dogs to eat! People were not allowed to carry out his last rites! PEERLESS UNIMAGINABLE indeed!

  34. neha gupta says:

    and yes…people who are commenting against this article and counter questioning please open your mind while reading the has each n every fact clearly described and justified,,,this article is not an opinion…it is fact…this is the reality…guys please READ,RESEARCH,UNDERSTAND and then post 😡

  35. Praseedha Sudeep says:

    Please bring these facts to light

  36. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this superb blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

  37. Greetings I am so excited I found your weblog, I really found you by mistake, while I was looking on Yahoo for something else, Anyhow I am here now and would just like to say many thanks for a incredible post and a all round exciting blog (I also love the theme/design), I don韙 have time to read through it all at the moment but I have bookmarked it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a great deal more, Please do keep up the excellent work.

  38. I do love the way you have framed this specific situation plus it does offer me personally some fodder for thought. Nonetheless, coming from just what I have seen, I simply just wish when the feed-back pack on that people today remain on point and in no way start on a soap box of the news du jour. Yet, thank you for this fantastic point and whilst I can not concur with it in totality, I respect the perspective.

  39. I discovered this article just now .I am completely stunned . Thanks for bringing the real truth in front of public .God bless you

  40. Harish says:

    I have to say one real truth
    India is a Hindu country for thousand and thousand of years ago. In between the Muslims came and devasted our country (Looted / raped and plundered) . The truth always wins now once again we have got our religion back. so any other religion opposing this should go go back to the place where they belong. And I dont understand a simple formula why should we be afraid of muslim and dont pry deep into Taj Mahal mystery . I hope the BJP governemnt does this. This is our birth right.

    • XXXX says:

      Harish kindly wake up!!. India is a secular country not a Hindu country. Nd u being a Indian should rather try to protect this beautiful monument than fighting for it being a hindu or muslim property and end up destroying it.
      I mean how does it matter if its muslim or hindu property . It is basically belonging to us, THE INDIANS.
      Its not like nly muslims r allowed inside TAJ MAHAL nd hindus r restricted.

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  42. krish says:

    you words are travelling with you
    nice to here about Taj

  43. krish says:

    i had visited Taj twise time…

    now i know the histroy of taj
    thank you

  44. raja says:

    U r a HINDU…its very clear

  45. This is incredible. Quite bewildering. Though I cannot deny that there is a lot of logic in every single argument made above, it just feels too far fetched to believe in the thesis!! Can to answer this concern?

    • fairawayland says:

      The Mughals had a history of confiscating Rajput Hindu forts and palaces and routinely recycled Jain and Hindu temples into mosques. You can goggle Delhi mosques which boast of Jain columns. Such a pattern of confiscating the best to prove Mughal domination is proven. What is the best native jewel of all? The Raj. If it preexisted then of course it would be confiscated. Babur’s autobiography boasts of turning a crystal mahal ie palace of a pagan god into his summer palace. Akbar The Great returned to jewel to its original patron who was his in-law the Rajah of Jaipur who owned the marble quarry where the only crystal white marble can be acquired. The son of Akbar simply re-confiscated the jewel of his in-laws to reaffirm his contempt for India’s native population in general and his hated Jaipur in laws in particular.

      Finally, why else build a mahal ie palace from scratch and build hundreds of rooms and then crudely brick them up to turn it into a tomb? You can see along the river where a quarter of the lower rooms are crudely bricked up. Why do it? The mosque was also crudely retrofitted from one wing of the ‘drum house’ and Islam had not drum houses because conservative Islam forbids music. Why add the mosque features in a crude retrofit? Why not build a proper mosque if you are supposedly building this from scratch? If you are building this from scratch why face it south instead of toward Mecca? That is haram. So for that matter are tombs. Tombs are haram in conservative Islam. Only Mughals have such tombs because they were able to confiscate so many buildings from their Rajput conquered people they did not know what to do with all of them. Hence they became haram tombs as well as palaces and resorts for the Mughals. It was such a redundancy of loot!

      Finally simply ask yourself this: why add the Islamic quotes ON TOP OF FINISHED RAJPUT STYLE INLAY MARBLE instead of inlaying it property into the exquisite marble inlay?

      Possession is 9/10ths of the law and the conqueror gets the spoils and can slap their name on all of it. If they can recycle a holy Jain or Hindu temple into a mosque (proven all over the Punjab) then they can do the same with every other piece of loot they have. A Mughal Emperor just slapped his name all over his in-law’s precious jewel. His own biography boasts of his confiscating the property of his hate in-law. The irony is his son Dara who was a Sufi probably moved the corpse of his mother which was seen buried in the garden into the Raj to convert it into a sacred Sufi Tomb to a saint: his mother! The emperor only added the retrofit after his son did that gesture of supreme love toward his mother!

      People just repeat the canard because of first ignorance and now fear. Fear. Pure fear. If mosques can boast Jain and Hindu columns then anything goes. No Muslim can deny Punjab mosques were built on top of sacred Hindu and Jain temples and the stones were recycled. No Muslim can deny this. Just goggle the images. The famous Golden Temple of Shiva was like wise confiscated and recycled. The infamous Mosque built on top of the Holy Temple of Ram which some twenty years ago caused riots as Hindus reclaimed it is another example. This is no difference. JEF

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  47. Anand Kumar says:

    It is indeed a shame to see that even with so much evidence against the Muslim rulers, they continue to deny the facts. Anything great about Hinduism is rubbished and is sought to be discarded under the protection of secularism. Anytime a finger is raised against Muslim rule or when they find themselves at a weak spot, Muslims and seculars hide behind secularism. Such secularism has done harm to India and even led to much bloodshed. Unfortunately many monuments like the Hindu Taj Mahal have been silent witness to such barbarism and violence. Despite the truth of the destruction of non-Islamic structures and statues in india, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places, Muslims continue to stick to their belief that Muslim rulers created the wonderful monument Taj Mahal.

    They won the war and rewrote history and turned these historical monuments into stamps of authority in arts and culture. Alas such usurped history never holds the burden of lies for long and eventually falls apart, revealing the truth of destruction, atrocities and death. And when this happens it brings only pain and suffering to the usurpers. This is evident in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Saudi Arabia. But the Muslim world does not want to acknowledge this truth. As long as they deny, they will suffer. Islamic regions are already experiencing the sufferings their earlier rulers sought to bring upon other religious groups.

    Even now there’s time. They can acknowledge and let go of their bloody history and make amends by returning to other religions what is rightfully theirs. Only then there can be peace. The more they continue to resist, the more dangerous place this world continues to become.

  48. Amigo says:

    I have visited taj mehal as well as Akbars tomb it was surprising to see that you can actually enter and touch an emperors tomb but you are not allowed to go near Mumtaj’s tomb who was only a queen.

  49. fff says:

    fake story truely

    • fairawayland says:

      Then explain the crude retrofit OVER finished inlay marble and also the sealed up rooms and the fact the rajah of Jaipur still have the imperial fireman degrees of confiscation and the fact the emperor’s own official self biography states he confiscates the land and buildings along a river from his hated Jaipur in laws and the fact European gem merchants saw the taj years before it was converted into a tomb to write about it in their memoirs back home. Pony up the facts to support your cavalier declaration. Repute my facts. Otherwise you have no authority to debunk my facts unless you can pony up your own facts. The Mughals were on record confiscating lots of Hindu Rajput properties. And the Punjab mosques are famous (or is it infamous ) for their Jain columns and recycled stones from demolished Hindu and Jain temples used to convert the previous holy sites to mosques. So to use a vulgar yankee expression: put up or else shut up. jef

    • fairawayland says:

      Wikpedia had a great list of churches or temples converted into mosques by Muslims including the following:

      the kaaba — originally pagan
      the Hagia Sophia church Istanbul converted into a mosque
      the Dome of the Rock converted from Temple Mount- Jewish

      the Cave of the Patriarchs converted into mosque (and by the way most of the Christian sacred churches in the Holy City were ultimately destroyed by Muslims and only later rebuilt).

      most of the Zoroastrian temples in Persia were converted into mosques

      The Ottoman Turks converted most of the Orthodox churches into mosques including for a while the Pantheon. Then they stored gun powder inside causing it to blow up and then they burned 40% of its priceless sculptures for the lime.

      The Ottoman Turks when they invaded north Cyprus in 1924 they converted the orthodox churches into mosques

      The famous mosque of Cordoba Spain was a Visigoth Church featuring Visigoth horseshoe arches when seized by Muslims in 711 and totally confiscated in 784 and converted into a mosque. Visigoth horseshoe arches predate Islam and Islamic use of horseshoe arches only commenced after Moorish invasion of Spain so the famous Moorish horseshoe arch is actually the Visigoth Arch repackaged and recycled. So this proves that Islam steals other people’s achievements. The Roman dome and Visigoth Arch predate Islam. Therefore Hindu inventions can also be stolen. Like for instance the Hindu Zero which is documented to be invented by Indians and then introduced to the west through Muslim traders —while claiming that Muslims invented it. Intellectual looting is not the same thing as inventing. Ditto ‘Arabic Numbers’ which are Hindu Numbers which are documented to also have been invented by Indians. Not Muslims. IN fact the name that Muslims use to refer to ‘Arabic Numbers’ is ‘Hindu’ numbers. This proves that Muslims have historically intellectually looted other people’s achievements and genius and then claimed them as their own. This also supports my thesis that the Taj is Hindu.

      Back to India!

      Sita Ram God in ‘Hindu Temples and What Happened to Them’ documents 2000 temples seized by Muslims and destroyed and or converted into mosques including Hindu and Jain and Buddhist Temples.

      Menara Kudos in Java was converted into a mosque but started as a Hindu temple

      Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya started as a temple to Ram before it became the Babri Masjid in 1528 but the Hindus were allowed to worship on days other than Friday within sight distance of their lost holy place for over a century reflecting the oral memory of its original holy origins. Modern digs confirm that a Hindu Temple to Rama preexisted the mosque with its ROMAN STYLE DOMES.

      Somnath Jyotirling Tirthham became the Jamiah Masjid in 1025 after seizure by Ghazni. the holy lingam was broken and cemented into the steps to be degraded by Muslims coming and going from mosque. Auraganzeb also seized holy talismans from Rajputs and cemented them into the steps of his grand mosque of Delhi to be degraded by Muslims coming and going from mosque.

      The Kuragala Cave Complex had a mosque built beside it in the 10th century.

      Quwwat ul Islam Temple Delhi was built with the stones of 27 holy Hindu and Jain temples and the Jain columns can be seen to this day.

      Jahangir boasted of destroying the Banaras temple to convert it into a mosque. Please note that this pattern of behavior places the confiscation of the Taj within the disputed dates you choose to cavalierly deny.

      the Kashi Vishwanath Golden Temple of Varanasi was destroyed by every Mughal emperor except Akbar and finally demolished entirely by Auraganzeb to build the Gyanvapi mosque. But the Hindu continue to worship the rear of the mosque where some of the vandalized holy stones can still be seen today. the Golden Temple that now stands is standing BESIDE THE ORIGINAL HOLY SITE which is today the mosque. In 1856 and 1857 Wahhabi Muslim weavers attacked it to destroy it yet again. The Rajputs saved the temple in the 56 riots and tried to save the temple in 57.But ultimately only the British Loyalist Army arriving in 57 saved it from Rebel Muslim desecration and destruction. Please read ‘1857 Jihad’ for more details. There is historically only two peoples who had a documented policy of saving Hindu temples from Muslim destruction as jahiliyyah alien barbaric pollution: the Sikhs and the British. Most of the Hindu temples in the old Muslim bastions are today POST 1818. The many tragic ruins such as the Sun Temple of Kashmiri are Hindu ruins destroyed by Muslims. Please google ‘jahiliyyah’ barbaric pollution for more information about how Islam views all non Muslim and non Koran achievements by other non Muslim peoples of the world.

      When Kashmiri falls to Islam the famous Ice Cave of Shiva will share the fate of the Sun Temple. PS: the Muslim claim of a right for a percentage the $$$$$ profits of the pilgrim tourist traffic to the Ice Cave of Shiva is a hang over of the old Muslim pilgrim tax. It is documented that knowledge of the Ice Cave of Shiva preexists Muslim rule. Muslims did not discover or rediscover it as they claim. The Muslims who today still take a $$$$$ of the profits of the pilgrim tourist traffic commenced charging Hindu pilgrims as a Muslim Pilgrim Tax. Pay up or else be attacked. It is a type of jizya protection payola. Pay up or else be attacked. Translation: extortion tax. Why is there still one Muslim Pilgrim Tax operating in India? Kashmiri is mostly Muslim. Why is Kashmiri mostly Muslim when only originally Buddhists and Hindu lived there? Convert. Fight and Die. or else pay the jizya. Ask the Pandit refugees living in shabby exile in Jammu who used to live in Kashmiri what happened to their homes and farms. Ask them about the charming placards placed on the doors of their homes and farms. You know. the placards that say ‘You have 24 hours to flee or else die but leave your females behind’. Those placard! Muslims claiming Kashmiri as their Muslim entitlement is like the child who murders his parents and then cries that not only is he now a poor orphan but he should also inherit the family silver.

      Oudh Nawab principality was actually taken into receivership by the British when Muslims attacked Hindus who tried to rebuild their Monkey Temple demolished by Muslims and turned into a mosque. Prof. More (Indian historian) documents the religious war which broke out in his book ‘1857 Jihad’. He also documents the many temples attacked by Muslim Rebels throughout 1857 and the attacks on Hindus and the imposing of Sharia Law and jizya taxes on Hindus.

      Thus I have documented just the tip of the ice berg of Muslim confiscation of holy places to be turned into mosques throughout the world. Therefore even more evidence exists to support the premise that the Taj was a Hindu temple confiscated into a mosque and tomb. the mosque retrofit of one wing of the matching ‘drum houses’ show a crude use of savaged marble to shove the mosque décor into an obvious pre existing Hindu drum temple. the other matching wing is still called a drum temple. Hindu use drums for music. Islam considers music haram which is why Aurangzeb symbolically ‘buried music’.

      This tip of the ice berg includes the theory that Muslims ‘invented’ the horseshoe arch and dome and the arrogant belief that only Muslims can build great temples in India and that the original native Hindu were considered too jahiliyyah barbaric to build great places themselves without the help of the more ‘civilized’ Muslim invaders.

      By the way the Delhi ‘Victory Tower Of Islam’ was build by the Muslims who simply ordered the native conquered people of Delhi to build the towering achievement FOR THE CONQUERING MUSLIMS. Simply confiscating the native genius or else ordering the native genius to build FOR THEM is not evidence of Muslim genius. It is only evidence of Muslim might and warmongering triumph.

      If you have hard evidence then by all means submit it. Rational people submit evidence. They don’t insult and threaten. By the way I have deleted many e-mails by Muslims leaving verbal threats on my life because of this factually supported blog. Threats and insults do not replace facts. And leaving messages asking for my email to ‘privately’ correspond while asking for the email to not be posted in order to launch cyber troll terrorism which some Muslims have also done is also not how rational debate is conducted in WordPress. If Islam is a religion of peace then Muslims should not resort to profanity, curses, threats, and the verbal version of the middle finger salute. I repeat: if you disagree with my factually grounded blog then rebut my facts with your facts. Don’t hurl profanity at me or threaten my life. JEF

  50. vishal pandey says:

    Right from my childhood when i studied in textbooks about taj mahal build by shah jahan was hard to swallow. read many article about seized rooms, structure.. finally after reading this, now more confident taj is build before shah jahan. i just want to know did shah jahan payed price to accquire taj?

    • fairawayland says:

      the rajah of Jaipur still have the imperial fireman degrees CONFISCATING the taj. Then to rub salt into the wounds the emperor demanded that the rajah give him a small quantity of marble as to retrofit the taj. The justifiably angry rajah of Jaipur locked up his famous white marble quarry and marble craftsmen and refused! So the emperor stripped the marble off the upper rooms (which today are clearly seen as stripped of their marble of the walls ). he likewise added the retrofit marble quotes OVER the outside inlay marble façade and also some crudely retrofitted marble to turn one ‘drum house’ into an improvised mosque (seen by the crude way the mosque interior was crudely added to the preexisting polished interior. That the rajah of Raipur still claims to hold the imperial fireman degree of confiscation today proves the family is still royally enraged by the ancient injustice done to them by their one time Mughal in-laws. jef

      • tania says:

        Hello Jeff,

        Please send me an email so that I can communicate with you further over this article of yours. And PLEASE DONOT PUBLISH MY MESSAGE.

        All the best,

      • fairawayland says:

        so you can commit cyber troll terrorism on me? That is the only thing I can construe from this obviously implied threat. Why do people think they can threaten and bully and troll other people on the faceless web? What right do you have to threaten me? What unspeakable evil have I done to you except present a blog that is well buttressed with facts? If you don’t like the blog then ignore it. If you disagree with the blog then refute it with facts. But don’t threaten cyber troll terrorism on me. It only makes you appear to be what you are implying you are: a cyber troll.

        WordPress represents free speech. It will be a tragic day when cyber troll terrorists threaten the people of the world into cowering silence and trembling muteness in the face of intimidation both real and implied. I have been truly shocked how many emails have come to me threatening my life and hurling #%&^@* abuse at me simply for presenting a blog well supported by facts that the Taj started out as a Hindu temple. When did facts become a crime? When did evidence become a crime? When did intellectual inquiry become a crime? When did amateur history become a crime? for that matter, when did truth become a crime?

        What sort of censorship are you planning to shove down everyone’s craw next? Will you and other threatening cyber trolls hunt me down and murder me? A Muslim has already sent me an email threatening just that! What sort of persons send emails like that? What sort of email did you plan to bombard on me in the secrecy of cyber troll terrorism? Send your message to me legitimately and I will post it for everyone in the world to read! Let the whole world read what you want to sent to me under the faceless mantle of cyber troll terrorism!

        Yeah! your email has upset me! Sure! I admit it! Like the other emails threatening my life! Sure! I admit it! I never imagined the day would come when my life would be threatened for simply presenting a factual case for a historical building! But I am not such a coward as to be threatened into cowering silence or the censorship of fear! I am an American! We Americans are made of the metal of the Revolution and the Civil War! World War One! World War Two! I am the scion of a WW 2 naval aviator! We don’t cower before tyrants and bullies and thugs and cyber troll terrorists! We will never rip up the Bill of Rights or the U S Constitution for anyone! Send me an email and I will post your email for the world to read. Threats or insults or profanity or whatever else it contains. But I won’t surrender to cyber troll terrorism. JEF

  51. sumit says:

    hats off to you sir. for your effort to present the truth to us Indians…and i salute for your daredevil charecter. i agree with you that insulting someone doesnt change the truth…this topic is not intended to start any communal war between hindu and muslims, but to enlighten the people about the fact which actually happened long ago. just one simple question to my islamic friend…do you have the guts to admit that wherever a temple or a statue have been demolished is done by islamic peoples…just say yes or no….welll as far as your answers are concerned…I DONT GIVE A SHIT.

  52. sathya22 says:

    It really gives a new rays of finding things! so are you sure its built by hindu’s ? if so, there would be someone who would oppose it and it wouldn’t make a history with those stories for so long years! however hearing it is lord shiva’s temple gave some kind of happiness..thanks for your information.

  53. Shivam says:

    Very good info

  54. anoop singh says:

    it is really amazing .some person will be know about this …..

  55. Brendan says:

    I suspect you are correct… I hope the site will be fully investigated soon…

  56. This conversion of Shiva Temple to burial place for Mumtaz and ShahJahan need to be investigated properly. All the sealed rooms, passages and such places must opened in front of Supreme Court designated Judge. But this can only happen if there is will power for the present govt to do so.Do you think that the present BJP govt and our Hon PM Modiji has guts to do this?

  57. Do I violate copyright if I use news article on my own newsletter?

    • fairawayland says:

      sure. go for it. but prepare for some nasty responses. I got another insult today. it can be quite nasty. but hey. ‘you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free’. JEF

  58. NITIKA says:


    • fairawayland says:

      Writing in all caps is a version of SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS!!!!!!!!

      Secondly: you did not produce any evidence to back your SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS!!!!!!!

      All genuine mosques are built facing Mecca. Any building RETROFITED to be a mosque has the wrong orientation. The so-called mosque built into the Taj is OBVIOUSLY RETROFITED with crude marble hacked out of the second floor rooms which today are stripped of their easily to get marble proving the marble was stripped and used to retrofit. the Retrofit of the so- called mosque is obviously crude if you study the photographs . Why is some marble exquisite and some marble is shoddy? Why is some marble perfectly crafted and some marble is shoved very crudely into places to RETROFIT a mosque? Why is all of the Koran quotes RETROFITTED ON TOP OF PREEXISITING EXQUISITE INLAY? See! I can yell too!

      Aurangazeb was a documented follower of the great Indian Muslim cleric Sirhindi. Some of his charming declarations include:

      ‘Kufr and Islam are opposed to each other. The progress of one is possible only at the expense of the other and co-existence between these two contrary faiths is unthinkable…. The honor of Islam lies in insulting Kufr and Kafirs. One who respects Kafirs dishonors the Muslims……They should be kept at an arm’s length like dogs…..The Real purpose in levying jizya on them is to humiliate them to such an extent that on account of fear of jizya they may not be able to dress well and to live in grandeur. They should constantly remain terrified and trembling. It is intended to hold them under contempt and to uphold the honor and might of Islam….Whenever a Jew is killed, it is to the benefit of Islam.’

      Doesn’t that make you all feel so warm and cuddling and multi-cultural? No? I wonder why not? Gosh? But it does give everyone a picture of the inside of Aurangazeb’s head! Aurangezeb The Terrible waged non stop war on India and made India bleed! Finally even his own Rajput kindred did a ritual ‘divorce’ from him. The Maratha rebelled because of him. Everyone rebelled because of his blood thirsty tyranny and non stop wars. He destroyed hundreds of Hindu and Jain temples as is documented by lists you can find on the net. He confiscated holy idols all over the Rajput Homeland and cemented them into the steps of his Grand Mosque so worshipers like you could defile them with the soles of their slippers coming and going to mosque. He tried to kill every single Sikh in India. He attacked Jews and Christians. He murdered his own brother and locked up his father. He wrote of his hatred for the Taj, a hate so profound he refused to use the name for it. — thus proving the Taj Mahal is Hindu if the name was haram for him to say.

      You boast that Aurangazeb The Terrible outlawed gambling and prostitution. And buried Music! Hurray! But his hareem was just as large as his father’s and grandfather’s. Ordering Rajput princes to deliver their daughters to his personal brothel is ok I guess? ‘Whatever thy right hand possesses do with as you will’ is ok as long as you don’t share the goodies eh? And knitting haji caps to relax after a day of mass murder of Hindus and Jain and Sikhs and Jews and Christians is the classic gesture of a psychopath.

      Why don’t Muslims who defend this mass murderer ever question the morality of waging nonstop jihad to force India and indeed the entire world to either convert, surrender, or else fight and die? The Sword Verse? And why is it ok for Muslims then and now to drag any Kafir girl between the ages of three and ninety three off the streets to rape her? ‘Whatever thy right hand possesses do with as you will!’ She must surrender and submit to Islamic domination and subjugation and pays jizya while opening her mouth for the Muslim tax collector to spit into her mouth to ritually besmirch her Najis Filthy soul (legal in Mughal India and done in Mughal India )! Until then she is just harbi ‘meat to wipe my sins off on’ to quote a famous modern Muslim rapist in Rotherham England! ‘Uncovered meat asking to be raped’ to quote another famous modern rapist in Australia. AND PS FOR YOU MUTLI-CULTURAL NOVICES OUT THERE: NAJIS FILTH IS THE MUSLIM HARAM LIST OF TABOO INCLUDING PIGS, DOGS, ROT, DECAY, VERMIN, BLOOD AND KAFIRS!) Hence the right of Muslims to call Kafir girls MEAT! You are so moral about railing against prostitution but you don’t give a pip Muslim rape do you? AND YOU TOUCHY FEELY MULTI-CULTURALISTS SO AWED BY THE ROMANCE OF THE TAJ MAHAL OUT THERE PLEASE GOOGLE THE ISLAMIC RAPE JIHAD OCCURING IN EUROPE, CANADA, AUSTRAILA,AND INDIA!IT WILL MAKE ISLAMIC ROMANCE SO MUCH MORE ……WELL. … LETS PASS OVER REST OF THIS …..

      Anyway! And Aurangazeb The Terrible left India bleeding and bankrupt when he did in 1702. People at the time wrote that the Great Trunk Road was covered by weeds and dacoits. Surat Port was moldering. the price of a plow oxen had increased by 500% which is hypo inflation. Wootz Steel was vanishing. Jaipur cannon foundries were going out of business despite the boom in war because of the destruction caused by Aurangazeb. Both Aurangazeb and the Maratha were frantically buying Western cannon and gunpowder when once India used to produce the best. Textiles were dangerously disrupted and the quality was falling for exports. The only people making money were Merchants of War.

      Why doesn’t any of this bother you? Why do Muslims think conquest for the Triumph of Islam justifies any suffering and slaughter? Why is it ok for between 50 and 80 Million Indians to perish during the Sultan – Mughal Occupation of India? Why is that ok with you? Why doesn’t that trouble you in the slightest? Why do Muslims still think that the end (Islamic Triumph and the conquest of India and the world) justifies ANY MEANS? NO MATTER NOW MANY PEOPLE DIE? How many Indians have to die before the ‘Unfinished Business’ of Islamic Conquest of India is achieved?

      And for you touchy feely multi-cultural novices out there, Muslims on their web sites continuously rant about the ‘Unfinished Business’ of reconquering every speck of land once dominated by Islam. India is top of the list folks! Then comes Spain! South France. Austria to the Gates of Vienna. Hungary. The Balkans. Greece. South Italy. South Ireland and Kent England (touched by Muslims slavers), part of south Russia, Crimea, Bulgaria, Romania. Doesn’t that make you all feel warm and cuddly and multi-cultural inside now?

      INDIA MUST BE RECONQUERED BY ISLAM PER THE MANTRA OF UNFINISHED BUSINESS! Why else has Pakistan devoted its entire existence to the job? Why else has Pakistan pointed every nuke missile at India? India is UNFINISHED BUSINESS!!!!! See! I can yell too! Pakistan is a failed state compared to India but as long as Pakistan is trying to finish the UNFINISHED BUSINESS OF CONQUERING INDIA that is all that matters!

      So you grow up boyo! Either factually refute my hard evidence or else go troll someone else!

      PS: I am still waiting for that rumored Bollywood Movie of Aurangazeb to come out! I can see it now! A version of ‘The Producers’ a la Bollywood! a failed Bollywood producer and a terrified Bengalis accountant producing the Aurangazeb script by a crazed ex-ISIS nutter to con rich widows out of their money. ‘Springtime for Aurangezeb And Old Hindustan! The Caliphate is happy again! Don’t be a sappy! Be happy! Join me and be part of my Jihadi Army!’ Aurangezeb singing this to a back drop of Wootz Steel cannon cast like that famous Delhi rustproof column levering down to become cannon blasting away at everyone as dancing Bollywood chorus girls in black burkas sprout machine guns. Aurangazeb dancing with a balloon a la Chapin ‘The Great Dictator’ before ranting about everyone who is smoking as battlefields erupt into flesh and gore! Then ranting ‘How they try! Oh how they try!’ as assassins a la Sikhs try to kill him until Shivaja The Great comes in with a straitjacket to finally drag the man in the funny dress away at last…… Oh! what a masterpiece! What do you think?…..JEF

      • After declaring ” Jihad “, Aurangazeb came to South of Narmada, to vanquish Marathas and two Muslim states of Vijapur and Hyderabad. He came to Ahemadnagar in 1681 and was not able to return back to North. He was fighting Marathas for more than 22 years but still could not conquer . After his miserable performance in Maharashtra, he died in 1702 and was buried in Khuladabad near Aurangabad.

      • Sanjeevani Chindarkar says:

        It was Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who stopped the Muslims from devastating whatever was remaining of the Indian Hindus!
        Can’t imagine what would life be without him! Read more history of the Kings in Maharashtra and South India.

    • Mystery of Taj Mahal can only be resolved if all those sealed rooms and passages are opened in presence of Chief Justice of Supreme Court India and telecast live on national TV. It is imperative that this mystery must be resolved and truth must prevail

  59. XXXX says:

    Dude India is a secular country. Nd Taj Mahal is the only monument which makes India counted among one of the country with wonders of the world.
    I don’t understand the fact why u people have to fight fa it being a muslim property or hindu property and literally end up destroying the beauty of India.

    • shamik ali says:

      A good , praiseworthy ,monotonous and unsound article to imbalance the communal harmony of the national….(pun intended)

      • fairawayland says:

        I don’t care about appeasing Muslims. I care about the truth. Why do Muslims define ‘peace’ as submission and harmony as appeasing into surrender? The truth is the Taj started out as a temple to Shiva. Muslim conquerors destroyed or else confiscated thousands of Hindu temples as well as Christian and Zoroastrian temples in the Levant. The modus operandi is historically proven. See my other replies for a partial list of said places. Either factually disprove my facts or else go troll someone else. jef

      • fairawayland says:

        Do you realize how your comment besmirches Islam and Muslims? All of the Muslims who have responded to this article and either hurl obscene words at me, threaten my life, threaten to hunt me down and kill me, and hurl nasty insults at me? You don’t debate factually or objectively. You just punch below the belt and rant and rave emotionally and viciously. I presented facts and my many defensive rebuttals and replies list hundreds of temples and churches which Muslim conquerors either destroyed and recycled or else confiscated and turned into mosques and your sole response is to snarl. Do you realize how your response becomes the face of Islam to other visitors at this site? People read the nasty replies of Muslims and assume the nastiness reflects Islam. I confess since I have written this blog almost seven years ago my opinion of Islam as soured to the point where I assume every reply by someone with a Muslim name will be vicious and or violent. And my original blog did complement Dara the Sufi. So much for Dara and Akbar’s vision of universal tolerance and peaceful co-existence! jef.

  60. Prateek says:

    Oh My God!!! I am not sure who built it…but hats off to your exceptional research…. I am now in a fix that who actually build Taj… I think the mystery will never be know unless and untill the sealed gates are re-opened which will never happen in India due to riot scares

  61. Manoj Kulkarni says:

    Now after so many proofs and obvious evidences that Taj Mahal has not been built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, if we still stuck to the meaningless legend that was taught to us in our history book, it would be saying like `Sun rises from the west and sets at the East’.
    It is our bad luck that an absolutely false history was taught to us in our childhood, by the grace of Congress Government.
    We only love the truth. That’s all. If it was ever built by Mughals, we would have still loved it.
    But the fact is totally different. Taj Mahal was actually built by Hindu King Raja Parmar Deva in the early 12th Century. If the A.S.I. opens up all the sealed doors of Taj Mahal Premises, all the secrets will come out before the world. Without opening any sealed doors of the Taj Mahal, there are plenty of proofs before us. Then just imagine what will happen after opening up all.
    But it won’t happen because we people don’t have courage to accept the fact.

  62. taran says:

    everyone who beivs this nonsense is a fool there are clear signs of persian culture in the artifact, many wells are dug deep under taj to prevent it from earthquake if it would hv been a temple no way so far sighting would hv been used to build a temple it was created to be remembered fr years nd with the intention to create a masterpiece whole taj is built from scratch by shah jahan … its not at all possible that if it would hv been a temple then the fact was concealed … i mean come on weren’t the humans living back then in agra … if it would hv been the case it would hv surely traveled along the time… moreover it is clearly visible that how remarkably similar the taj is to some of the buildings of agra fort … so to support ur saying u must say that agra fort was also a temple back some time…. lastly taj has resemblnc to description of jannat in quran

    • fairawayland says:

      The Red Fort is also looted and there is plenty of evidence to support that. The Mughals were a savage Steppes people. The Hindu were civilized. The same way the Arabs who conquered the levant were a savage people who conquered and then confiscated the riches and buildings and achievements of the more civilized people they conquered. Even the ‘Hill Tent’ is an Indian invention. What happened when Delhi was conquered? the Muslims confiscated everything and order the Delhi people to build the ‘Victory Tower’. The genius was the Hindu builders. The brute authority was Muslim. Even if Shah Jahan really did order the Taj built all he did was snap his fingers at the Hindu and bellow ‘I command to be obeyed!’ The builders were Hindus! He said so as he chopped off Hindu hands afterwards! The marble was from the Rajah of Jaipur who owned the only white marble quarry and workers! Mughal building styles are simply Rajput building styles immitated and confiscated from the Rajputs. They took! They slapped their names all over it! so what? Is the Great mosque of Istanbul Ottoman? No! it is the great church of Constantine with a Muslim name slapped all over it! That is what conquerors do! they take! they slap their names all over it! Fine! to the conqueror goes the spoils! fine! Just don’t claim you invented it! JEF

  63. taran says:

    i mean it is the height of stupidity… come on yarr just think before you beliv can a truth (if it is a truth) can be concealed … wasn’t there a single person back then who communicated this truth to coming genrations… a truth like this can nevr be concealed …. moreover only a person who had all the wealth of india could have created a building like that who was shah jahan the emperor of india…

    • fairawayland says:

      The Rajputs were incredibly rich before the Mughals drained them dry. the Rajah of Jaipur still has the official fireman imperial degree of confiscation from his hated in-law.

      The Mughals became rich by taxing 50% of everything from every Hindu and Jain and Sikh while confiscating everything that was not nailed down. the Mughals confiscated and squandered between 30% and 50% of the entire National GNP of Hindustan! Get it? That is how they became rich!

      But the Western gem merchants there to buy gems recorded in their memoirs that the Mughal emperor spent more money on the scaffording than on the Taj construction? Why? Because the emperor just looted the upper floor marble and slapped retrofitted Koran quotes (done out of order) OVER the Rajput inlay on the outside. Get the joke that the Western gem merchants were joking about?

      Study pictures of the towering ruins of the Sun Temple in Kashmiri and imagine what it once was like! India was technologically dazzling when the Mughals were just some savage tribe off the Steppes of Central Asia. India should have been leading the world because of its dazzling advances. the Hindu Zero. Hindu Numbers (called Arabic but they are Hindu and check out the history because they are Hindu!). Wootz Steel was the best in the world. The first rust proof iron. India was poised to lead the world! instead, the Islamic Invasions all but destroyed India. This allowed the West to seize the lead and charge into the Great Divergence ahead of everyone. The Muslim invaders boasted of their slaughters and looting of millions (today trillions) in riches from the Hindus. And also destroying the famous Gandhara Buddhist Civilization which awed Alexander The Great).

      Shah Jahan’s own Muslim written bio says he confiscated a large section of land and white building along a river from his hated in law the Rajah of Jaipur. The Rajah of Jaipur still haves the fireman degree of confiscation. Connect the dots! why retrofit unless the building was already built? Why do Western Gem merchants in their memoirs record seeing the Taj BEFORE Shah Jahan confiscated it? One gem merchant witnessed the picnic when the ‘much decayed corpse ‘ of the wife was buried in the garden as Shah Jahan boasted to the gem merchant how much he looted the inside the Taj. You have memoirs of people who witnessed it. What else do you need?

      Hitler said the BIG LIE works if the lie is big and you say it over and over and the sheeple decide to believe it! This is a BIG LIE. Google images of the BIG LIE and understand the psychology how the BIG LIE works. JEF

    • Sanjeevani Chindarkar says:

      Ghazni invading India 17 times to get the gold from the Somanth Temple! Tell me who is rich?

  64. Taran Hundal says:

    omg wat a story but its just a story not the fact

    • fairawayland says:

      Then present your facts to support your statement. present a rational argument. Pony up your facts. Refute my facts with your facts. Oh! Gee! I get it! you don’t have any facts to present a rational rebuttal do you? So you just throw insults at me! go troll someone else then! JEF

  65. Cynthia says:

    this was extremely interesting. going to read it again.

  66. NISHU says:

    Muslims probably cant understand what u r saying.several studies shows that average iq of muslim countries is about 79 (This is mainly because of inbreeding i.e blood related marriages) and on theoretical basis 70-79 is considered as mild disabilities.Don’t blame me for this.
    these are not my words. this stuff is all over the internet

    • Deshmukh says:

      could you please tell me what is your IQ? Mr. Genius.

      • fairawayland says:

        I do my research. So Mr. Genius, what is your rational and factional rebuttal to my facts? Present your facts please! don’t just insult me! that just demeans you! Start by explaining the RETROFIT. What is a retrofit? It is construction added AFTER THE FACT which is cruder and obviously added to change the original construction. This RETROFIT IS VERY OBVIOUS ON THE TAJ FROM PHOTOGRAPHS SO PLEASE EXPLAIN THE RETROFIT! JEF

  67. Deshmukh says:

    ASI, you people know what is ASI. let me tell you it is Archaeological Survey of India. ok……
    ASI recently said that, they were not able to find any single evidence which will be useful to prove that the taj mahal was a temple.
    So i believe more on ASI rather than you. because asi has more man power, experts, talent, knowledge tools and technology and “n” number resources to know about any monument or heritage as compare to you. Most of you who posted their comments and said that they had also researched on it, i want to tell them that whatever you have researched on it, is only from internet not from authentic books written by impartial writers. you just used to type something on google search bar and hits “enter” and read the web pages and say that you have done a thorough research on it, OH MY GOD what a research this is !
    One thing i want to tell all of you is that information present on internet is not genuine always. not even every information present on wikipedia is also not authentic.
    So have you understood what i am trying to tell you innocent people……….

    • fairawayland says:

      the Indian government has always censored history for political purposes. For instance the official Indian history denies that between 50 and 80 million Indians died or were enslaved during Muslim occupation or that the Hindu Kush Pass got its name from the millions of Indians marched through it into Muslim slavery. Indian history whitewashes Muslim occupation and blames everything on the Raj despite the fact the Raj plowed millions (today that would be billions ) in investments into India to modernize it and the GDP of Raj India was much higher just before the 48 handover than after the handover when Socialists and Marxists ran India (3% versus .05% GDP).Stefan Molyneux on Youtube has great economic comparison of Raj economic figures before and after India handover. So the Indian gov. had and has a policy of whitewashing and censoring history to serve its own ends. some of those ends include appeasing the 20% Muslim minority of India in the face of Pak threats and Wahhabi radicalism. The unspeakable violent responses I get from some Muslims indicate the Taj is so emotional it cannot be talked about objectively. Therefore the Indian gov. must whitewash the truth in the face of irrational threats and genuine threats to the Taj as well a Pak nuke aimed right at it.

      I stand by my research. Memoirs by European gem merchants written in the 1700s are pre-politically correct censorship. I trust them more than Indian gov. politicially correct revision. To each their opinion. Please explain the crude RETROFIT if the Taj started out as a Muslim construction project. Also, even if the Emperor did build the Taj from scratch all he did was snap his fingers and order the Hindu builders to build it. the genius is still Hindu and not Muslim.

      Historically I have presented evidence (in other replies) that Muslim imperial conquerors confiscated indigenous population riches and buildings and assets including temples and churches and turned into mosques or else forts or else palaces. That is a proven behavior which cannot be disputed. The Visigoth horseshoe arch predates Moor invasion of Spain and the Muslims simply took the horseshoe arch across their imperial empires as they conquered to introduce it to India. But India principalities pre Muslim invasion led the world in science and math and construction. Muslim invaders from Arabia which did not even have the ‘wheel’ or the Steppes which was likewise less civilized did not have the same level of civilization as people they conquered.

      They conquered. they took. they slapped their names on it. they ordered the natives to create. they enjoyed the fruits of the work of others. sure. sure. fine. fine. to the conqueror goes the spoils. but don’t claim the conqueror invented the spoils and dont insist that the conqueror just ASKED THE CONQUERED IF THEY COULD ENJOY THE SPOILS! They took the spoils as conquerors and enjoyed them. fine. fine. But don’t deny the impact of conquest on the natives who suffered as a result. jef.

      • Manshi says:

        The Mughals came to invade India like as Alexander and many others. It was not their home town that they would shower love and mercy. It is obvious that they had the intention to loot India. But they found here a comfortable climate to live in and with lots of vegetation which was completely opposite to their homeland. so they stayed.
        It is obvious that the winner will always have their own rules and they would make other follow it. so their was intolerance till the reign of Akbar as he followed Sufism, which is a little sophisticated way of living and not a strict religion with rules and discipline must be followed like Islam.
        Now the demand to make others follow the rules provoked Intolerance. And intolerance triggered demolition of huge constructions to spread terror in the mass.

        Now If the sealed doors are opened and the truth is out (whatever in there is…)then their will be a Hindu Muslim riot for sure. India Will BURN.
        Though Hinduism is a way of living but people still consider it as a religion till date.India has always been considered as a country of GODS. Religion is deep rooted here and so superstition is. And in a country where literacy is still an important issue on which government spends a negligible percentage of the total income, and where in the name of religion people get killed and women are declared WITCHES. One wrong Step can call for a CIVIL WAR.

  68. It is important to investigate about who actually built Taj Mahal, or whether a temple was converted by Shah Jajan. Sealed basements, vaults and various rooms must be opened in presence of Supreme Court Judges and truth about these sealed rooms be known to all.

  69. says:

    This is the bestest website in the worlds!

  70. santosh kumar padhy says:

    Exllent history of tajmahal.but some people’s are not knowledge in what is tajmahal.but tajmahal is our hindu god shiv and parbati tample.share this topic all hindu persons.

    • fairawayland says:

      Could you share your knowledge with the internet community by writing a longer comment which I can post? It is a fact many Hindu temples were either destroyed or recycled into mosques. jef

  71. Manshi says:

    The Mughals came to invade India like as Alexander and many others. It was not their home town that they would shower love and mercy. It is obvious that they had the intention to loot India. But they found here a comfortable climate to live in and with lots of vegetation which was completely opposite to their homeland. so they stayed.
    It is obvious that the winner will always have their own rules and they would make other follow it. so their was intolerance till the reign of Akbar as he followed Sufism, which is a little sophisticated way of living and not a strict religion with rules and discipline must be followed like Islam.
    Now the demand to make others follow the rules provoked Intolerance. And intolerance triggered demolition of huge constructions to spread terror in the mass.

    Now If the sealed doors are opened and the truth is out (whatever in there is…)then their will be a Hindu Muslim riot for sure. India Will BURN.
    Though Hinduism is a way of living but people still consider it as a religion till date.India has always been considered as a country of GODS. Religion is deep rooted here and so superstition is. And in a country where literacy is still an important issue on which government spends a negligible percentage of the total income, and where in the name of religion people get killed and women are declared WITCHES. One wrong Step can call for a CIVIL WAR.

  72. Twinkle says:

    Good article snd research.Have read few books which actually led me to look at this subject and your article matches with my readings. Thanks

  73. Nirmal kumar says:

    Very nice
    It was so awesome,
    And I think everyone should know this truth about taj mah

  74. Suresh says:

    @Fairaway land,

    The Qutub Minar was not built by Muslims or even constructed by them.
    It apparently was a Hindu astronomical tower built in the 5th century during the Gupta
    period by a Hindu astronomer known as Varahamihira. It is not a victory tower as the
    name Qutub Minar does not translate as Victory tower. The Word Qutub means star in Arabic.

    It was a Hindu astronomical tower/observatory post, which was defiled by Muslims and vandalized
    by Arabic engravings on a Hindu tower.

  75. Suresh says:

    Nice Blog. Very informative

  76. Ash Amruv says:

    Allah’s 99 names describes what He is capable of providing His creations with.
    Love is a feeling that is found within the minds of His creations.
    Creator is always above creations.
    So according to logic : Allah is above His creations ..and such a creator will not have feelings which He has put into His beloved creations .

    research carefully and think about your topic especially on a fragile one like this before you publish it .

    • fairawayland says:

      are you threatening me? I know that Allah has 99 names and LOVE Is not one of them. That is the difference between Islam and Christianity. Christianity and Hinduism and Buddhism and the Jewish religion have at their core a belief in the Divine love. There is a story that God gave the Jews the choice between war and peace and advised them to choose peace. they did. Allah gave Muslims the choice between war and peace and ordered them to choose war. they chose war. ‘We love death more than you love life so we will win!’ The Brussels Massacre is the incarnation of the choice Muslims have made !

      are you threatening me? Islam’ intoxication with violence is displayed in the Koran story: when Huwayissa saw his brother, a convert, brutally murder Jews he protested. his brother Muhayissa shouted ‘If the one who ordered me to kill him ordered me to kill you I would have cut off your head!’ his brother marveled ‘By Allah a religion which can bring you to this is MARVELOUS!’ and Huwayissa converted to Islam on the spot! hence the Brussels Massacre!

      are you threatening me? the Taj which is a symbol of love is only further proved to NOT BE ISLAMIC by what has just happened in Brussels yesterday! in 632 Mohammad declared war on Christian Rome and Zoroastrian Persia to climax his Sword Verses to kill all infidels and unbelievers until Islam dominates and rules the world. the ultimatum to the world is this: ‘…embrace Islam and you will be safe.’ think of that in the light of Brussels everyone! ‘…. embrace Islam and you will be safe!’ Islam has waged war for almost 1500 years. conservative estimates of the deaths from Jihad up to 9/11 around the world total 270 million. and oh yes! the Crusades were a mere dozen defensive battles compared to a thousand Islamic offensive battles in Europe alone! including a 50% mortality rate of deaths of Christians and Jews in the NE with the final genocide occurring now! Since 9/11 there have been more thousands of death. including Brussels yesterday! and today, right after Brussels you threaten me? thus you prove that the war Mohammad declared in 632 is still ongoing! Behold Brussels! therefore you also prove that the Taj, a symbol of love, cannot be Islamic! Sufi maybe? but Sufism is apostasy and Dara who I believe did see the Taj as a sacred Sufi shrine to his mother, was an apostate. but the Taj was originally the love of Shiva to his beloved wife! a love Shiva said transformed him and which he described as the source of his power! the power of love! Divine Love! that name which is missing from the 99 names for Allah! That is where the image of Taj as the symbol of love started! Compare that glorious love to bleeding Brussels today!

      are you threatening me? The Mecca Koran, Medina Koran, Hadith, and Sira in total devote 31% of its tests to violence and war. compare 327,547 words of Islamic violence to the bible tests of 34,039 words. the Bible lists specific battles. the Koran lists wars on everyone and the Sword Verses which declare open ended war UNTIL ISLAM CONQUERS AND DOMINATES AND RULES THE WORLD. The Islamic texts feature 328 words to political violence. The Hebrew bible lists 34 words to political violence and the New Testament lists 0 words of political violence.Quib famously summed up his Islam this way: ‘Yes it is a religion of peace but in a sense of saving all of mankind from worshiping other than Allah and submitting all of mankind to the rule of Allah’. Peace in Islam is literally SUBMISSION. and abrogation (naskh) means the peaceful Mecca Koran is abrogated in favor of the later verses of the Medina Koran and the final verses include the Sword Verses like 9.5. so 124 peaceful verses are abrogated by the Sword Verses. The Sword Verses order nonstop war against all infidels and unbelievers and shirks (pagans) kafirs (including Christians and Jews) eternally. three options exist: convert to Islam, surrender to Islam, or prepare to fight and die. any connection to the bloody Brussels massacre yesterday? connect the dots! the dots of pools of blood! Belgium blood!

      are you threatening me? the entire West and in theory wordpress is dar ul Harb Abode of War. Land of War. allowing ghazi razzia jihad including rape, pillage, arson, economic warfare, full scale war, and terrorism and also enslavement of all female war booty, ‘Whatever thy right hand possesses do with as you will’ and also slavery. also digital trolling by people like you. troll jihad! ‘we love death more than you love life so we will win!’Even people of the book, Christians and Jews, are ‘guilty of Kufr and therefore are not ‘innocent’ and can be attacked if they do not surrender to sub human sub citizenship called Dhimmitude which violates every one of the ten Bill of Rights which define Human Rights in the world today. and clearly you believe in ripping up the Bill of Rights and Human rights of free expression, freedom of intelligent debate, freedom of thought, freedom of the press (and wordpress) and freedom of association (the digital world) to impose your censorship based on medieval heresy and blasphemy laws! while threatening me right after Brussels! I guess i know who was handing out sweets in celebration yesterday!

      are you threatening me? per Islam we are all Najis filth on par with urine, feces, rot, decay, vermin, pigs, and dogs. look it up everyone! we are Najis filth! also pigs and dogs and and people of ‘gross error’ and ‘donkeys laden with books’ and people of no intelligence’ and ‘people of no morality’! ‘Do not take the Christians and the Jews as your friends!’ and now you know why! it is so easy to bomb Najis filth sub humans like the people of Brussels isn’t it?

      are you threatening me? And everything a Kafir has created, like Western civilization or Hindu civilization or Chinese civilization or Japanese civilization or any non Muslim civilization is also Jahiliyyah barbaric pollution. so that makes the Taj Jahiliyyah! no less than Mozart, De Vinci, Rock and Roll, Jane Austen, Shakerspeare, Newton, the Jenner Vaccine, the Salks Polio cure, every beautiful Christian church, Dickens, Hollywood movies (Jewish), the Sistine Chapel, Sargent’s Madame X, a Hindu temple (like the Taj) a beautiful Japanese scroll, The Buddha, Shiva, The Bible, ‘Jane Austen’s Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies’, the Hindu invention of the Zero, and Western inventions like the telegraph, telephone, gaslight, electricity, railroad, airplane, rocket, paved roads, skyscrapers, advance science, advance medicine, advance engineering, advance math, advance chemistry, advance technology, the computer, the internet, twitter, youtube, and wordpress, the printing press (banned by the Ottomans) democracy, human rights, capitalism, and the entire Great Divergence Advanced World.

      are you threatening me? Islam’ contribution: the Third World. a dozen ‘Golden Age’ thinkers who were mostly Jewish, Christian, Zoroastrian, and apostates! basing their work on pre 666 ‘old knowledge’ of Jewish Greco Roman Egyptian Babylon discoveries and the ‘new knowledge’ of China and India. since 1200? a hindu zero! two Nobels by apostates! don’t count! apostates! And that is it! to this day the Islamic World in its entire history translates less books than Spain in one year and produces less patents than South Korea! the income of the entire NE sans oil is equal to Finland! or else Spain! I have to look up that statistic of gross economic failure! the NE Islamic World produces less patents, less engineers, less scientists, less top notch doctors, less inventors, less top notch research and development, less top notch academic papers, and less educated professionals than anywhere else in the world only excluding Africa. UN report. the entire Islamic school system is the bottom of the world. UN report. Islamic illiteracy is only exceeded by African illiteracy. UN report. Most of the Third World failed states by every UN definition are Islamic, only exceeded by Africa.

      are you threatening me? Germany Education experts had declared that 50% of the Muslim migrants entering Europe in 2015 are illiterate, untrainable, and unable to be educated even after ten years in anything remotely resembling a modern industrial worker. most Muslim migrants are dropping out of German training apprenticeships after only two years. And they appear to be all but completely unable to learn German. or any European language. and oh yes. German and Austrian police have declared that 50% of the Muslim migrants are committing out of control criminality. drug dealers. drug users. robbers. looters. shoplifters. molesting at swimming pools. rapists. taharrush being their sole contribution to multicultural enrichment.

      are you threatening me? and the Muslim migrants appear to expect to live luxuriously on the dole forever. their favorite expression to Youtube videos: ‘where is the money? give me money or I rape!’ and oh yes! between 40 and 60% of all Muslims in Europe and the UK are dole abusers. 80% suck some sort of teats of the European welfare states. dead economic losses bankrupting Europe. unlike such migrants as Asians and Hindus and Sikhs, the Muslim migrant who do work, (if they work) work the least, are the most economically underperforming, the least economically performing, the most under employed, display the least work ethic, are the most inclined to dropout of school and drop out of trade schools, (even in Germany by German statistics), and use the most sick hours and quit work the most. 65% of second generation German Turks drop out of school and either drop onto the dole full time or else drop right into Muslim drug games. and oh yes! do look up European Muslim drug gangs! another Muslim multicultural enrichment! Then look up Malmo the rape capital of Europe courtesy of Muslim migrants! another multicultural enrichment! alas, the Taj is not an example of Muslim multicultural enrichnment! the suicide jacket maybe! but That was not invented by a Muslim either! And Pakistan Iran got their nukes from North Korea!

      are you threatening me? That makes killing us so much easier as Brussels proved yesterday! if we are not human and are Najis filth then killing us is so much easier! don’t you agree? per Islam the Muslims are the ‘Best of Peoples’ and everyone else are the ‘vilest of creatures’. Ubermensch ummah anyone? Muslims are the Eloi! we Untermensch Morlocks are expected to toil and pay the bills and pay the taxes to support you! We are Dhimmi Morlocks who must toil in our ugly Najis foulness far from your Ubermensch presence as you and all of the Muslim migrants lounge under your Eloi domes and snap your fingers bored while taking endless selfies while expecting us to clothe you and feed you and house you and give you free TV and free downloading of movies! yeap! Muslim migrants are stealing by downloading movies to watch as they lounge on the dole while taking endless selfies —- and expect Germany to pay for! UK statistics just released prove that EU Muslim migrants are pocketing the most tax credits, dole benefits, free NHS and free council homes while undercutting British workers (whose taxes pay for the Muslim migrants) including a Somali dead beat and his wife and 8 kids who were given a million pound London townhouse for FREE despite not paying a penny to the UK where he lives on the dole! EU Muslim migrants on the UK dole cost the hard working Brits 530 million pounds a year! and experts have just said the UK NHS is going bankrupt because of the burden of Muslim migrants sucking its lifeblood away. 50% of all council houses are going to Muslim migrants who don’t pay a penny. Muslim migrants go to the front of the queue of NHS and dole and council housing and guess who goes to the back of the dole? everyone else! who are paying the bills! Eloi vs the Morlocks! and the latest stats in the USA show that Muslim migrants are statistically over represented as dole abusers, medicare abusers, TANF abusers, SNAP abusers, taking the most food stamps, free housing, free gov handouts, taking more than they pay in taxes, while dragging down the wages and undercutting blue collar American workers and especially hurting the black underclass. just like the UK. Just like Europe. up to 89% abuse. two, three, four times that of other migrants! Eloi! the Ubermensch Ummah! and we Najis filthy Jahiliyyah polluted disgusting befouling and loathsome Kafir Morlocks are expected to toil in our degrading factories far away from your ‘Best of Peoples’ presence because of our Najis Filth as we house you, pay you, clothe you, feed you, amuse you in your Eloi domes of pleasure —-which our taxes are paying for! oh! I wonder is that is why Muslim migrants marching into Europe demand ‘Where is my free apartment?…. where is my free car? …. 500% euros a month pocket money is not enough!… I want to live in a Swedish luxury hotel!…this food is not fit for dogs or women….. where is my free blond kafir girl friend? …. I just had a sexual emergency at the swimming pool and raped a ten year old boy….. you can’t do anything to me! you have to be nice to me! Frau Merkel invited us!…..’

      Are you threatening me? what facts are you disputing in the aftermath of Brussels massacre? four months after Paris massacre? such a perfect time to spew out threats of violence! Is this your jihad? How do you want to massacre me? Please specify how you mean to punish me for listing very specific facts? apparently facts do not mean anything! fantasy does! like the 1001 Islamic inventions fantasy! Islam invented the Roman dome, the Visigoth arch, the garden, agriculture, farming, Ancient Egyptian irrigation, the airplane, the Hindu zero, Ancient Greek and Egyptian and Babylon Math, the Chinese compass and paper, the German fountain pen, alcohol just to ban it, chess just to ban it, etc, etc, etc, and oh yes! the Hindu Raj! and oh yes! the Hindu civilization which Muslims invaded and looted after Muslims invaded and looted the Greco Roman civilization and the Buddhist Gandhara civilization also invented the first rustproof iron and Wootz steel which actually Damascus steel with a phony Islamic name on it and other amazing inventions and advance medicine and math including —- the zero — and Arabic Numbers which is just Indian Numbers with a phony label slapped on them! look it up everyone! and are you going to murder me for exposing those embarrassing truths as well?

      Are you threatening me? a rational person presents their facts to counter my facts. you hiss ‘research carefully and think about your topic especially on a fragile one like this before you publish’! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! threat! threat! threat! murder! murder! murder! Brussels anyone? That is a pure threat right after the Brussels Massacre! Present facts because I have researched very carefully and presented solid facts! so present your facts! but don’t threaten to massacre me like the nutters did in Brussels yesterday!

      are you threatening me? why is dissecting the history of the taj so ‘fragile’? explain why history is ‘fragile’? explain why proving that the taj is Hindu is ‘fragile’? are you threatening me because if the Taj is Hindu then Islam is not DOMINATING AND RULING and you are obsessed with Islam — the Divine Slavery —- DOMINATING AND RULING ? why is Islam so obsessed with DOMINATING AND RULING? explain why you are obsessed with DOMINATING AND RULING? and oh yes! why does Islam define ‘peace’ as submission? what other religion defines ‘peace’ as submission? or calls itself the ‘Divine Slavery’? who wants to be enslaved by the ‘Divine Slavery’ hey everyone on wordpress! who wants to be enslaved by the ‘Divine Slavery’? and oh yes! everyone! look up Islam’s record on slavery! which Muslims still embrace to this day! Islamic slavery is alive and well and busy in Africa! and guess who were the slavers selling African slaves to the Europeans at the West ports? Islamic African slavers! and guess who only pretended to ban slavery in 1964? ummmmm?

      are you threatening me? please tell the wordpress community at large why you think you have a right to threaten people on wordpress! please explain why you think you can impose your censorship on wordpress! tell the wordpress community of the world what the new censorship rules are that everyone in the world MUST OBEY OR ELSE! give us your rules of censorship! list your rules of heresy and blasphemy and the deaths you will impose if the world refuses to surrender their human rights to cower cravenly at your bloody feet? are you going to do a Brussels Massacre? Tell us where you plan to blow up women and children next? or are you only going to murder me? please clarify why you think you have a right to murder me? tell the wordpress world in the aftermath of Brussels Massacre why you and Muslims and Islam has a right to murder people? Please explain in the aftermath of Brussels blood and guts and slaughter why you think you have a right to threaten anyone on wordpress?

      are you threatening me? well! Either present your facts of solid historic rebuttal or else F#%& off! JEF Rose

  77. Bablu Bachar says:

    It is true that present taj mahal was ancient Teji Mahal of Lord Shiva’s temple and there are many proofs present in Indian buried history.

  78. jonathan marks says:

    It never ceases to amaze me when I look at the logic of Hindus. They never want to acknowledge any greatness in any other religion especially Islam. It is pure jealousy to try and claim that the Taj Mahal is a Hindu creation. Hindus have never had the brains or the creativity to build something like the Taj Mahal. They never did in ancient times and they certainly don’t have much intelligence today. One has to only look at the caste system to see that Hindus are self-hating people with zero intellect. Walk the streets of modern India and see how filthy they are now that Hindus are in control. So if all their buildings are dirty and crumbling now in this modern age of progress how on earth can they have built anything clean and beautiful many centuries ago. They have always lacked the brains to do so. Even their Gods are grotesque and ugly pieces of stone that have no meaning. The rest of the world laughs at the stupidity of Hindus and their attempts to steal the ideas of others. We know that monkeys are not human but you worship a stupid monkey and make him a GOD. In the rest of the world we know that rats are filthy disease ridden animals but you make GODS of them. Best you Hindus keep your stupid logic and stay confined to India while the rest of the world enjoys our intelligence and where our debates are intellectually based rather than based on the stupidity of a reilgion of ugly stone GODs that hates its own poor people and hates its own people who have dark skins.

    • fairawayland says:

      Please produce the facts to support your comments. when the Mughals invaded India it was one of the cutting edge countries of the world, leading in math (including the Hindu Zero) and medicine and steel production. wootz steel was the best in the world. Damascus steel is simply wootz ingots imported from India and then finished into swords. When wootz vanished during Mughal wars in India, Damascus vanished and Ottoman metal was labeled ‘junk’. Hindu construction featured revolutionary features such as iron beams. The destroyed Sun Temple of Kashmiri shows the amazing construction techniques of the Hindus.Muslim mosques in India were built by slave Hindu labor and genius. a Muslim conqueror snapping his fingers and saying ‘let it be so! built me a mosque!’ is not Muslim genius. it is Muslim looting of other people’s genius. Muslim mosques stole Roman and Bizintine (spelling sorry) domes, Visigoth horseshoe arches and Roman arches, and other Greco Roman Hellene Late Classical Levant techniques (as proven by modern study)while providing no unique inventions of their own. Therefore it is highly likely the Taj was Indian.Please read my other replies to other wild comments lacking historic or factual basis. Present a factual rebuttal! JEF

    • fairawayland says:

      You imply the Indians are stupid and only Muslims are capable of genius. I present UN reports (some written by Muslims ) to rebut your premise

      Pakistan has produced 8 patents in 43 years. South Korea has produced 1445 patents and research papers per million people compared to 26 for the TOTAL Arabic Muslim World. South Korea has produced 1600 patents compared to 370 in the total Arabic Muslim World in the same time period. India produces more patents per year than the total Arabic Muslim world. per million people, the UK produces 3000 research papers, USA produces 4000, Japan produces 5000, the Arabic Muslim World produces 230 (and many of that is by Kafirs in the Near East). experts say the majority of those 230 were ‘junk’ like research into genii power typical of Arabic requirements for science to conform to religious heresy blasphemy law. only Islam calls ‘religion’ ‘science’. the Islamic Sciences are teh study of Islam, medieval Arabic, Islamic Sharia, Hadith, Sira, and Islamic history. That is not science!

      Spain translates more books on one year than the entire Arabic World in total in its total history. Arabic translations per year is less than Greece. western graduation rates from high school is 40 – 50% compared to Arabic Muslim graduation rates of 2%. Western literacy is 95% 100% . Islamic rates are 40- 50%. 1 in 4 Muslims are illiterate. one half of all Muslim females are illiterate. the study of Muslim migrants pouring into Germany last year proved the majority were functional or complete illiterates with no language skills or job skills whatsoever. Indian Hindus and Sikhs rate high. Indian Muslims are mostly illiterate with poor rates of graduation in anything other than madrassa education which is mostly rote memorizing of the Koran and other ‘Islamic Sciences’ which are anything but science. UK books per million is 2000 . Egypt is a Hindu Zero. The Arabic Muslim world produces the least translations and books in general than almost anyone else on earth. mostly only the Koran. 1/5 billion Muslims produces less engineers and scientists than France’s 60 million Christians. the most educated and productive people in Muslim countries are Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist around the world.

      per these UN reports on Human development, the Islamic world and especially the Arabic Muslim Levant are the bottom third (with Africa) in human development, health, education, literacy, freedom, prosperity, research and development, enterprises, inventions, productivity, and production in industry or agriculture. of the 20 worst countries in the world some 33% are Muslim, most of the worse failed states are Muslim, while 23% of the world’s population, Muslims are 60% in terms of poverty and failed states. 2/3 of the world’s poorest population are Muslim. UN statistics.

      GDP : Arabic Muslim GDP in total is 1/2 of South Korea and less than just Spain. Non oil Arabic Muslim Levant GDP is 1/10th of South Korea. The total of all of the Oil Kingdoms GDP is less than Finland. Saudi Arabia with oil can’t compete with South Korea which has no natural resources other than brains and is rumored to be facing bankruptcy. Qatar is rich because it Westernized its economy and hires Kafirs to engineer and Kafirs to work while creating an economy hinged on Kafirs.

      Western Kafirs had to introduce the wheel to Arabia along with the suez canal, paved roads, railroads, bridges, plumbing, gaslight, electricity, modern power plants, steam engines and turbines, trains, planes, automobiles, modern hospitals, modern schools, the printing press (banned for two centuries by the Ottomans) computers, the internet, telecomunications, radio and tv and movies, the clock, the calendar, the concept of 24 hours, and democracy and meritocracy, and Nial Ferguson’s five killer applications for Great Divergence success along with the Advanced World and oil drilling and oil infrastrucutre (?) and oil transportation to western industries plus the mass production of modern foodstuffs such as the potato, tomato, vanilla, corn from the americas to the world, coffee to java and south america, tea to india and ceylon, spices from south seas to all over the world, silk to europe along with cotton for industrial mass production, tobacco to india and africa, chocolate to africa, rice and cotton to dixie, etc etc etc.

      in the West the latest statistics of the UK, France, Sweden, Austria, Germany indicate that Muslim migrants are 40- 65% on the dole full time, (muslim females 75% as welfare fraud second and third wives) and 80% of all muslim migrants and citizens are 80% abusing the dole in some capacity. TAKING OUT MORE THAN THEY PUT INTO THE COUNTRIES THEY INHABIT. This is now totaling into the billions each year for each country. 55 to 60 billion a year for each country including the USA. indigenous hard working Kafirs must pay to support non working economically under working muslims.I call it the Eloi complex. the ‘best of peoples’ lounge in their eloi domes and the Najis filthy ‘vilest of people’ morlocks toil to support the lazy buggers. 65% of all Turkish muslims in Germany drop out of apprenticeships and schools to go on the dole and join drug gangs. the statistics of Sweden are even worse. muslims in the West feature the highest school drop outs, 70% in jail, 90% with criminal records, 85 % rapists (please google Malmo rape statistics for more details) the most unemployed, the most under employed, the most likely to be doing manual labor, with the lowest incomes and lowest work ethic, the most likely to call in sick, or retire in disability. between 40 and 70% are also radical and justify violence and terrorism in some capacity and also demand Sharia law and refuse to obey indigenous law, self ghettoize, and refuse to even learn the indigenous languages. (please google Trevor Phillips UK report on the failure of muliticulturalism and Islamic failure to embrace anything Western except dole and welfare fraud.).

      the UN report on Islamic failure reported ‘disregard for reality’ and ‘ knowledge problems’ and ‘cloaked in the supernatural’ and being ‘mentally calicified’ as well as infantization and victimhood. poor work ethics. low productivity. experts point to such things as Al Ghazali banning of Cause and Effect, ‘throw Reason to the dogs’ morality as a big family and illiteracy and prayers, and ‘The science that the Koran brings is all science, there is no other science’ as closing the mind of Muslims as much as blessing Zikr and damning the Fikr rational mind and also closing the gates of inquiry and damning invention as BID’a. proven by fact is this: Muslims coming into the West have been proven to be 50% inbred and with iq of 80s compared to 90-100 in West and 100 plus in Asia.

      Between 632 and 1000 there were no Arabic inventions. the wheel did not exist in Arabia. After 1200 there has been almost no invention. two Nobels both to Apostates in science and chemistry. compare that to over 200 nobels just to Jews who are less than 1% of the world’s population compared to 1.5 billion muslims. The West up to 2000 are proven to have invented or reinvented or new & improved 95% of all inventions known to mankind.thousands of inventors each year. not bad for people of ‘gross error’ and people of ‘no morality’ and ‘no intelligence’ on par with Najis filthy pigs and dogs and rot and decay and urine and feces and foul blood! the Arabic Persian world between 1000 and 1200 produced 12 inventors who mostly were Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, agnostics, apostates, or muhtadi converts.(proven by factual study) . They mostly distilled the ‘old knowledge’ of the Egyptian Mesnopotaniam (?) Greco Roman Bizintine (?) knowledge and the ‘new knowledge’ coming from India and China. Algebra existed in Greece India and the only Islamic contribution was the coining of the name. the Hindu Zero was part of the Hindu Numbers which the West called ‘Arabic’ because they came through the near east to them. again proven fact. Muslims have been documented to have burned almost 50 famous libraries in history and burned more books than any other religion. proven fact. google it! ‘if the book confirms the Koran it is redundant so burn it and if it contradicts the Koran it is heretic so burn it’. Muslims did not save knowledge for the West. they burned 99% of the books and the few books not burned fled with Greeks and Jews to the West via ocuplied Spain which has been proven to be another myth. please do your research before you gibber that Spain was an Islamic paradise because it was NOT!

      therefore the past and present statistics of failure further indicate the genius of the Taj was probably Hindu. please present factual evidence based on international standards or else troll someone else. jef

  79. gayatrisagar says:

    magical article ..thanks a ton for same 🙂
    we as Indians , have no proper information about our own history as it was and is not presented in a correct way in our school books, by media (indian) .
    we seriously lack too much behind finding the real truth and then publish it worldwide , as we carry the fear all the time… these policitcal people even are responsible for the wrong history presentation in front of us till date.
    no one knows indian history completely , our chapters include french revolution/british history/etc..
    no doubt that we should be well educated with the rest world info also , but first thing is to know our own country and then others….
    Taj … sorryy – it should be called as TEJO MAHALAY …. is the biggest example for hiding the real name/details of the wonderfull monument…
    even well educated people in India still fear to call it as TEJO MAHALAY…..
    this article is a massive research done by an extraordinary person like you, Sir.

    INDIANS do read pleasee…………….

  80. Naukri says:

    What an article. Superb!!
    The arguments and the counter arguments are very effective too. It shows the amount of research went into this post. Splendid work by the author!
    Will make sure that this post reaches large section of audience.

  81. HMagsi says:

    What a waste of time and energy. Squabbling over a ‘building’ or a monument! Does it matter. I agree with whatever you are trying to dig up, but to what end. I rather agree more to one in your blog…’such truth would probably have Indian Muslims and Hindus on each others throats, –“, would have India torn apart- ablaze.”., THAT is what it is in your mind Jeff. Lay off. There is lot in USA to sneak around, if that is your motive in life. I commends you for research. Time will tell and highlight the truth over truth. Rest assured Indian Hindus or Muslims are not all that stupid. Give them a break as well.

  82. Sanjeevani Chindarkar says:

    Dont know whether we can actually find whats in the sealed rooms of Taj but we all have to learn from History- beware of these people they have killed their own kin to get power how on earth they can build something so beautiful! We can never trust this community who only believes in killing innocent people.
    Hats off to this blogger who has done so much research and is also replying back to the insults!

  83. neelima says:

    this artice really conviced me to believe that its a temple. Being an american u have done a great job..why cant we indians raise our voices to open all the doors..

  84. Raj Ambardar says:

    Great Job.

    • fairawayland says:

      typical response of a fanatic ideologue who insults instead of supplying facts. produce your facts or else take your infantile name calling to another web site. Troll the fansite of the muslim migrant who plowed a truck into a german christmas market in berlin. celebrate the death of christians. dance in the street and hand out sweets in celebrations of christians dying. oh! wait! an italian policeman shot the terrorist dead! the hero who swore loyality to isis and promised to kill pig eating christians was shot down like like a dog on the street. unlike merkel i know what the term najis filth means and jahiliyyah pollution and kufr and kafir so i know what you really believe. so i stand with christopher hitchens about the true nature of the religion of peaceful submission to the divine slavery. jef

  85. Sandeep Kumar says:

    But what about its resemblance with Humayun Ka Maqbara which had been built much earlier. With the same four garden concept.

    • fairawayland says:

      not familiar, please explain.

      The gardens of the Taj were a weed field full of decay relics indicating worship of Shiva when the British ‘fixed it’ with their Capability Brown greenery after ‘restoring’ the decaying Taj which had been long neglected by bankrupted Mughals. Then the gardens were redone post British by Indians based on nostalgia memories without studying the written descriptions by European gem buyers referring to decayed relics indicating worship of Shiva including iconic trees used in worship of Shiva and the decayed ruins of a gigantic elephant god. get it? Gigantic elephant god?

      what Muslim builds a gigantic elephant god? But Shiva worshipers would! get it! decayed relics indicated Shiva was worshiped there first along with decayed ruins of ritual baths by the river and a music building. devoted Muslims do not engage in music! Shiva worshipers do! ditto huge stables and other buildings to handle ‘pilgrims’ which a private tomb should not need! get it! study the descriptions of the decayed outbuildings and ritual baths and decayed ruins of an elephant god and ritual tree devoted to Shiva! the gardens you see now are reproductions post 1950 after tearing up British gardening! So unless you can find records and drawings of the original gardens you are being misled by what is there now! jef

  86. junaid Shaikh says:

    followed the argument from above of quite some post but cannot understand a simple economics the did looted and filled the coffers of their majesty in England and the Muslims rulers did the same according to fairawayland but where did the Muslim rulers send the loot of India (to which country ) for safe keeping,please enlighten us.

    • fairawayland says:

      my research (and I did a lot of research ten years ago about this) indicates that most economists and governmental statistics indicate that the Mughals took between 30 and 50% of India GNP and squandered it on tombs, palaces, forts, riches, luxuries, and war against non Muslims. Jizya and pilgrim taxes for non Muslims to worship at the few Hindu Jain temples which might be allowed to exist was massive. (Hindu and Jain and Sikhs sere Shirks Pagans so that was much worse than the few Christians and Jews but they were persecuted too). That is why Muslim princes wanted to control famous Hindu shines and pilgrim cities — to milk the riches in taxes. kharaj land taxes were 50%. Muslims controlled the rich taxman jobs to pilfer a huge amount of the taxes being collected for the Mughals and Nawabs. Sharia law forbid non Muslims from holding key civil service or governmental or military ranks because per Sharia no non Muslim can order or command a superior Muslim. So Muslims could cream off a huge part of the Indian GNP. That is why by 1702 India was so bankrupt the EIC could quietly walk into Delhi and take over. the deep pockets of the The City (global finance center of the world) could keep the EIC going until it became the last man standing. when armies are mercenary then the deepest pockets will win. By then the Mughals and their administration was bankrupt.

      Ok. now compare administrations. (if you want more statistics then listen to Stefan Molyneux excellent Youtube program or Niall Ferguson ‘Civilization.The West and the Rest’ about the killer apps. the winning applications of the West which caused the Great Divergence. Or check out my ten year old articles on John Nicholson Politcal Officer about the Great Divergence and Britain vs India according to economics and statistics. This is all written by me ten years ago. So it is becoming fuzzy.

      OK. the British took taxes too. 10% then 7% then 3%. compare that to Mughal 30 – 50%. That is number one. Then the British certainly used Capitalism and Free Market Enterprise, low or no tariffs. Smith. Hume. Ricardo. Small Government. Libertarianism. Free Market Place. competition and the best man wins. etc. etc. etc. classic British Western Economics. also killer apps like democracy, competition, science, technology, rule of common law, work ethic , no slavery, no caste, fight back against class, meritocracy, best qualified gets the job, modern medicine, consumerism as the engine of the economy instead of Islamic extractive economics of badmish, fasad, danga, gadar, and lootmar as well as extractive economics of jizya and war.

      extractive economics is an economic ponzi scheme. imagine a Islamic jihadist Mughal riding into a Hindu town where the best businessman is a Sikh pie maker. best pies in the world. secret recipe. family working 10 hours a day 7 days a week to expand their franchise all over India. then the world. to become the best pies in the world. the jihadist burns down the pie shop while looting it, steals the investment money, murders the pie man and his wife after raping her, burns down the secret recipe, and drags the son off to be a slave and the daughter to be a sex slave. the secret of the pies are lost forever. Devshirme. ‘whatever they right hand possesses do with as you will’ Koran.

      ok. next year the jihadist rides back to loot the town again but finds only burned out ruins. no pie shop. no business. everyone fled. nothing left to loot. so the jihadist has to ride to the next town to loot it. so the destruction radiates outward in an unsustainable circle of growing destruction. finally the jihadist becomes a ghazi razzia sultan warlord. he still runs his conquered patch of India by extractive economics of jizya, kharji, slavery, devshirme, exploitation of resources, high taxes, warfare, raids, etc etc etc. extractive economics crushes everyone and everything down to bloody pulp.

      in contrast capitalism would grow the pie by helping the pie man grow his franchise of pie shops around the world. capitalistic taxes are always kept at golden men of ideally 7% if not 3%. no or low tariffs. global trade. competition of the best businesses in the free market place. capitalism does not care who the businessman is. Hindu. Jain. Sikh. Christian. Jew. Muslim. Pagan. best product wins. small government. no interference. best business wins. religion is a private thing. no role in government. profit wins. goal consumerism and wealth generation for everyone. do not carve windows into souls to peer inside like peeking toms. morality and god is no one’s business. work hard. be happy.

      So India became a test tube of contrasting economics. Western Capitalism economics. Islamic Extractive Economics run by Sharia. (Read the Long Divergence which exposes economic failures of Sharia). Today India is still a test tube of two contrasting economics. Indian which is a mixture of Western capitalism and unique Indian elements, some of Niall Ferguson’ Five Killer Apps of success, and Islamic Sharia. Long Divergence book (lecture on Youtube) proves that West is the best. Islamic economics creates poverty. not success. Islam has no economic killer apps. only a dead man’s hand of cards. it is like comparing Communist North Korea to capitalistic South Korea, the Bahamas to communistic Cuba, Communistic Russia to Capitalistic America, communistic China to quasi capitalistic China. compare the track record of economics. the West and capitalism is always the winner in the long run.

      the Mughals and Islamic economics (extractive and sharia) left India bankrupt by 1702. Islamic economics also left the Islamic Levant (near east) bankrupt by 1700. Europe was exploding into the Great Divergence super nova of economic success in comparison. and in fact by 1500 capitalistic Venice was the richest place in the world. then the rest of the West. then China. then India. then the Islamic world which was exploiting the world with extractive economics to try to keep its riches by culling the riches of everyone else. so a study of economics by impartial non Marxist and non Muslim economics experts and statistics prove that capitalism wins.

      by 1950 the capitalistic British left India the second most industrialized nation in the east (after capitalistic Japan which did a copy of Europe and then exploded into Great Divergence by 1900). Stefan Molyneux youtube video gives tons of statistics I no longer remember about the exact state of India in 1950 but it was second only to Japan. 3% GNP. top rate telegraphic and telephonic network, metallic (paved ) roads, railroads, bridges, harbor infrastructure, hospitals, schools, universities, businesses, many with Hindus and Jain and Sikhs on the boards of directors, commercialized agriculture, industrial output. etc etc etc. so find that stefan Molyneux youtube lecture and get an ear full of statistics. Post 1950 to 1970s India did a socialism marxism detour and lost everything.Then like China India returned to capitalism and success exploded. capitalism always wins.

      the Brits did a ‘Profit for progress’ (their name for it ) investment in their colonies and India got the second most monies (after Canada) and those monies if translated into modern pounds would be in the billions. sure. capitalism meant businessmen got rich. the Mile got rich in global investments. sure. sure. but Britain monies build India into a modern state and British monies invested in India too. billions in today’s pounds. Britain served as a combined NATO and the world bank to India . Britain invested in its colonies and its colonies jumped to the front of the queue economically compared to other colonies and to Islamic empire colonies and nations. the Islamic Levant and Pakistan still lags economically so far behind Western and westernized eastern nations that the Oil Kingdoms are worth half of South Korea. and India no less than South Korea and China and Japan will far and away outstip them in productivity, industry, agriculture, manufacturing, patents, copyrights, inventions, discoveries, work ethic enterprise, etc etc etc. So Islam is not only extractive economics and sharia bad economic laws but a proven handicap on every country impacted by it. why? who knows? proven fact. Islam holds back people and and nations just like socialism communism marxism holds back people and nations. capitalism and the five killer apps of West promotes people and nations. compare Pakistan to India. who is ahead? India. who is falling behind? Pakistan.

      so Mughals squandered India’s wealth and frittered it away. Britain made riches off India but also invested millions (today that would be billions ) back into India. it gave India that boast up to become a super state which soon it will become (only handicapped by over population). Again . read my articles in John Nicholson Political Officer on word press. listen to stefan moylyneux and nialls ferguson on youtube and also lecture on the Long Divergence on yourtube. jef

  87. Surender Dargan says:

    Sincere salute to you for making my eyes open about actual reality of Taj. God bless you.

  88. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. And he actually bought me lunch since I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!

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