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Grandmother smiled as she rocked. She nodded. “Poltergeists always occur in homes of adolescents either just coming into sexuality or about to and afraid of it. Occasionally when a clairvoyant is feverish, delirious, or else under extreme stress or fatigue when he or she unconsciously loses control. But that is the exception that usually proves the rule. And two thirds of the time the adolescents generating the poltergeist is female. In Salem for example where those so-called witches died in New England. Four teenaged young girls started it with poltergeist symptoms the ignorant assumed was evidence of ‘Witch Black Magic’. Most people who were burned as witches throughout history are female. Old women so their children can steal the inheritance or just get rid of old women. Wives so the husbands can marry again. And young girls who are unconsciously venting their undiscovered clairvoyance, their second sight, their ‘gift’s for the fist time in adolescent fueled eruptions of berserk bursts of pranic energy such as this.

And it is usually female because as you have commented about Mary. She is very repressed. All females are very repressed. Society almost all over the world force females to be repressed. Excessively repressed. Bottled up. Sometimes even locked up. The corset in the West. Foot binding in China. Purdah in Middle East and parts of India. Sexual slavery in many parts of the world. Actually slavery in many parts of the world. And when something is forcibly suppressed then like a tightly wound up clock spring, or a steam engine, you create an explosion of equal violence to the degree of repression or compression.

And I do what to stress that it is unconscious. The unique tragedy of poltergeists is that the young girl absolutely does not suspect she is causing any of the ghostly nightmare. And Society’s repression leaves them with little sense of mercy for mistakes or forgiveness for unbecoming behavior.

“But Mary targets herself.”


“Like Mother and her religious mania? And that poor ghost Beryl who blamed herself for that evil man Mr Acheronian’s actions in murdering his first wife when she let herself be seduced?”

Grandmother nodded. “Guilt is hidden but can do such havoc. Your guilt for instance John. What is your guilt?”

“What do you mean?”

Grandmother resumed rocking as she drank her tea. I paused and then flinched. “I suppose it is my sense of being damned. By Mother I mean. She raised me to feel damned. A Spawn of the Devil and the Scion of Hogg. I was raised to feel damned like Cain. Born evil. Ashamed of being —- me. What I am. Whatever I am. Whatever I will discover I am. Which will be dreadful I am sure. I will be a terrible man. I already am, I suppose, a terrible brother and son.

And I suppose I feel guilty because —- I am like Mother. I am a great brooder. I nurse resentment the way others bubble forth with joy! I am the killjoy of the party! The brutal gorilla! The violent thug! The monster lurking outside, in the storm, staring through the window at the happy party in progress which will never include me! At my school I am called Frankenstein’s Monster. At my old school I was called the Gorilla of Gallstone. Everyone will love Alex when he grows up. And Willie! And particularly Charlie! No one will love me! Or Mary! Because we are opposite sides of the same base and damaged coin!”

Grandmother stood up and came over and hugged me then. “John. I needed you to vent this festering darkness er it overwhelm you because you are special. You are rare. You are an unique person John. I did this so when this happens to you, and it will happen, when it happens, I want you to understand why it is happening, and not be afraid or ashamed. Bottling it up does not help. Burying it deep down inside of you does not help. Letting build up until it explodes does not help. You just have to recognize what is happening and then analyze it and solve it. Just as you have done today. Now. Let us help Mary? Ok dear one?”

“Let me do it.”

So I confronted Mary. I tried to be very gentle which is not my nature which is brutally direct. Mary did not handle it very well. I left her bedroom bleeding from flying scissors.


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