blog 41 mr acheronian

I hissed “Keep touching the pencil” as I stared into the mirror at Mr Acheronian. The reflection of the drawing room was now empty of anyone but the murderer and myself sitting at what appeared to be an empty table. No one else was reflected in the mirror but me. I told myself that was a good thing so if anything bad happened then Maeve, Mary, Alex, Willie, and Charlie would not be effected. I stared at the murderer laughing in the mirror as we stared at each other.

Then the glass moved from letter to letter with brisk, business-like speed as Mary spelled out the message as she wrote. “I am impressed! Really! The Police could not prove a damn thing. Who would have thought a brat of kid could put it all together.” Mary stared at me grimly.

I stared at the mirror. The ghostly murderer smirked. “So now what?” the glass spelled out on the board. “Do I kill you? Why not?” Mary’s fingers holding her pencil tensed as she stared at me as she wrote the message the glass spelled on the Ouija board.

“Fuck you!” I snarled into the mirror. “I am not afraid!”

“You should be!” Mary spelled out loud. The murderer in the mirror smirked.

“Mirror!” I said out loud. “Kill that bastard a second time!”

The massive mirror abruptly fell off the wall and toppled down, crashing down,
on top of us! I dragged everyone down under the table screaming “Duck under the table!” as the mirror crashed down. It smashed on top of the table sending the Ouija board flying as glass shards flew in every direction. We huddled under the table as glass shattered all around us. I kept my arms around everyone. We sat shaking under the table. Then suddenly, the heavy sliding doors slide open revealing the silhouette of a man welding a very large and lethal looking object in one hand as the smell of tobacco filled the air!

We all screamed as the man went to a gaslight vent and turned the gaslight up bright to illuminate the drawing room which was now a total mess of glass and a smashed frame. Shaking with fear we huddled under the table as the stranger went over and casually picked up the Ouija board and brought it back and set it on the debris covering the table. He picked up a pencil and placed it on the word ‘Goodbye’ and said “Sighed off!” Then he knelt down to see us cowering under the table.

“So! You must be uhhhhh John? Mary? Alexander? William? Charlie? And you are my dear?”

“Maeve” Maeve whispered in quaking terror.

“Oh let me introduce myself! I am your Uncle Hogg fresh come from India!”

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