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Everyone sighed but I hissed “Keep your fingers on the glass!” Then I stared into the mirror. The scent of rose was gone and the piano music stopped playing. Just as importantly, the child was gone. Rosemarie’s fear for her child had kept the lost part of the child’s soul adrift. Now she was released of her fear and she released her child. I stared into the mirror.

“Beryl. Beryl! Beryl! Come! Come! We have met before Beryl and I am here to help you. You called out to me to come and help you. So show yourself now to me. Please Beryl. Come.” I stared into the mirror and then a second woman appeared as the smell of jasmine filled the air and the tinkling of music box music filled the air. Beryl was a very pretty young woman. She looked at the mirror directly at me. I looked directly at her. “I know how you really died Beryl” I said. “You died on the stairs. You heard the door bell in the middle of the night. Why? You and Mr Acheronian slept in separate bedrooms which was the fashion. You were alone. Why didn’t he wake up and go down? So you headed down the stairs to see who was at the door. You tripped on the piano wire strung across the step. You tumbled down the stairs to the landing . You lay there in pain, helpless, crying out for help. Then the door opened and the feet of a man in an overcoat and hat came in and looked down on you. You could see the slippers on his feet. The edge of the nightgown hidden by the overcoat. Your husband looked down on you as he juggled the keys in his hand. He watched you die.”

The glass lunged to the word ‘Yes’ and vibrated with desperate intensity. There was a jiggling sound. I realized it was very clearly and very cruelly the sound of keys jiggling in a man’s hand. I looked in the mirror as Mr Acheronian jiggled his house keys as he smoked contemptuously.

“Why did he kill you Beryl? Did you threaten to go to the police?” The glass vibrated on the word ‘Yes’. “Did you come to suspect him of killing his first wife to marry you?” the glass vibrated on the word ‘Yes’. Did you feel guilty?” The glass vibrated on the word ‘Yes’. Did you blame yourself for the death of the first wife?” The glass vibrated. “Did he make you feel you were to blame because you and he were having an affair when you belatedly knew he was married?” The glass vibrated wildly. “Did he put all of the blame on you Beryl?” the glass vibrated wildly. Suddenly the glass exploded into shards. Everyone cried out as they ducked instinctively. I swore and grabbed a pencil from Mary’s pile and wiped the board of glass splinters and placed the pencil on the board. Everyone placed their fingers on the pencil which vibrated, making a tapping sound on the board.

“You are not to blame Beryl!” I shouted. “He is a murderous bastard and he used you! You are as innocent as she was! He seduced you and he used you! You are his victim! You are his victim! Beryl! Beryl! Look at me in the mirror! Listen to me! You are his victim!” I stared into the mirror. Beryl who was weeping as Mr Acheronian laughed as he smoked his damn cigar.

“Listen to me Beryl! Please! Please! Turn toward the light. Go to the light. You will not be judged or damned! Please Beryl! Go to the light. That light leads to Heaven. Reach out! Reach out and touch the Light! Go to the Light! Do not be afraid! Go to the Light!”

In the mirror the sliding doors suddenly opened quietly, revealing a brilliant light. Beryl turned around and then she waved to me, kissing me with her fingertips. Then she walked into the light. The glass lunged to the word ‘Goodbye’ and vibrated slowly and then stopped as Beryl walked through the sliding doors into the light. Then the sliding doors quietly closed and the room was dark.

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